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Happy Birthday, Peter

Happy Birthday, Peter

Today we celebrate you, Peter!

So first, Happy 24th Birthday to the amazing Mr. Ramsing!

You mean the world to me. You are an incredible husband and your servant’s heart is inspiring to so many. The way you create is beautiful. Your ability to code goes way over my head on so many occasions, but thanks to your patience I still want to learn about the projects you are working on and how everything works. Without you this blog would have grammatical errors, coding errors, and be ill-designed, so thank you for helping make this dream a reality. Readers, be thankful, this man truly is amazing!

Thank you for following our God and shining His light. I pray this year is an incredible one for you and that you continue to grow into the husband, friend, son, coder, servant, leader and all that God has created you to be to build His Kingdom.

So, Happy Birthday, My Love!

Love, Allison

P.S. As you pointed out yesterday, you are now officially the same age as when I met you, how cool is that!

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