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That being said…these are my words and if you know me, I say how I feel.

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Back when I first moved to Oregon, after signing my lease my mom and I had to hit the beach. Growing up landlocked it wasn’t a question of if we would go to the beach…we were going to the beach. Funny thing, though. The only beaches that I’d experienced were those in California or Florida. Note to the wise: Oregon beaches are not considered warm. They are breezy and cold…well, at least breezy! Needless to say my mom and I were not prepared for the Oregon coast and got pretty chilly. But there was a plus side…our hair was epic!

Oregon beaches have wind…lots of it. So for those blessed with natural curls going to the beach is like hitting the salon for a blow out. Sticker price: sand eternally in shoes, which my husband, Peter hates and I love. As we finished up our walk on the beach we ducked into what was the best recommendation in Newport, Oregon: the Chowder Bowl. That was were I fell in love. No silly, my husband wasn’t there-the other type of love! The tummy love…fish and chips. Not only was my tummy happy though. How epic were my wind swept curls? Epic is the answer.

John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ on

This is what one looks like after accepting a job at Oregon State…I look so much younger then! Oh how wise I’ve become…

I digress.

When I’m planning what to blog about and selecting sponsored posts I certainly try to find products that I can relate to. Every now and then there is a product already on my shelf (or in my freezer). This is one of those products. I’ve been a fan of John Frieda® Frizz Ease™ and Sheer Blonde™ for years and was excited to try this new collection.

After falling in love with that beach-blown hair my first day in Oregon the John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ Sea Waves™ Sea Salt Spray (that’s some branding!) is what takes me back to that perfect day at the beach with my mom as the ink was still drying on my lease paperwork all those years ago.

Now for some technical terms that makes my hubby roll his eyes but my friends nod as if to understand deep into their cores…

The John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ Cool Dip™ Shampoo delights my curls as it feels like it’s giving them an extra bounce even as I’m lathering. The John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ Smooth Seas™ Conditioner feels like it’s nourishing down to the core and I notice it defining my curls while also softening my hair. Then the Sea Waves™ Sea Salt Spray: it makes my hair smell like my hair did that first time walking into the Chowder Bowl (like a coconut minty, sea salt smell). Oh, and did I mention that you don’t have to be a blonde to use this product.

As it says up top…this post is sponsored, but if I’m honest this was one post that didn’t need to be sponsored. I love this stuff and makes me feel all “summery”. Plus it gave my hubby and I an excuse for me to go experience the sand in between my toes and reunite with my tummy love at the Chowder Bowl. Don’t worry-I share with my hubby.

…and yes, I accidentally ended up wearing the same outfit I did on that beautiful day three years ago when my new journey began here in Oregon and it’s epic.

John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ on

John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ on

John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ on

John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ on

Wondering where you can purchase John Frieda® Beach Blonde™? I grab mine at Walmart. If you live in the Mid-Willamette Valley, look for it at the Albany, Oregon store.

John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ on

John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ on

Have you tried the John Frieda® Beach Blonde™ collection yet?

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    Michelle from Honest & Truly!
    July 7, 2015 at 6:48 pm

    I love that this is a product you don’t have to be a blonde to use. And even with naturally curly hair – I need the help sometimes that these products can provide! #client

    • Reply
      July 10, 2015 at 11:20 am

      It’s truly wonderful that you don’t just have to have blonde hair to use this product, especially since the older I get the darker it seems to get. Definitely a bonus that it’s great for curly hair too! Have a great weekend!

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