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Disclaimer: I received Apartment Therapy Complete + Happy Home c/o Blogging for Books.


I get giddy when bloggers I follow release a book. I’ve enjoyed reading the Apartment Therapy blog for years and now I can enjoy Apartment Therapy Complete + Happy Home in book form, too.

“A complete and happy home is so much more than a series of pretty rooms. Between these two covers, they’ve captured everything they’ve learned at Apartment Therapy about decorating, organizing, cleaning, and repairs, so you can make and maintain your own fabulous home.” -from the introduction

Their book is as inspiring as the blog. My favorite sections of the book are on color, bedrooms, and creative offices. The book inspires me to continue to create a home that is warm, cozy, and welcoming. Based on how our apartment is styled, I think we’re on the right track, and now with new inspiration, I’ll be trying a few things to keep working towards the home that is welcoming to all that enter. If there is anything I’ve learned, this is not a static process but a constant evolution.

Apartment Therapy Complete + Happy Home receives five out of five ruby red slippers.

Take a peek at a few swoonworthy photos…





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