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Disclaimer: I received Open Your Bible c/o She Reads Truth as a member of the Open Your Bible launch team.

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A couple weeks ago I began my quiet time and this Open Your Bible study feeing inadequate. I sometimes struggle with spending time in God’s Word and the thought of a spending quality time in it again just left me feeling more like a failure. This advent season was hurried and rushed. I’d read a two minute devotional everyday and forgot what I’d read and the truth that came along with it hours later.

The night I began the study I’ll admit I wasn’t too terribly excited, but I knew I needed to spend some deeper time with my Father and His Word. As I began to read that night my spirit and soul felt alive for the first time in awhile. Often I seek worldly pursuits to make it come alive – a quilt pieced, a closet simplified, a new shirt, etc.

Sometime seasons come and go, but I’m excited to approach the Bible with boldness, and confidence. The Bible is for you and for me. Don’t compare your spiritual adequacy to others or to those that post the beautiful quiet time photos on Instagram. It will simply leave you defeated and feeling inadequate. I know so because I’m there.

Now let’s fast forward to week two, day two of the study. It begins with a sampling of what God says about you in His Word.

  1. I am a child of God (John 1:12)
  2. I am clothed with the righteousness of Jesus (Isaiah 61:10)
  3. I am free (Galatians 5:1)
  4. I am not condemned (Romans 8:1)
  5. I am a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17)
  6. I am loved (Ephesians 5:1-2)

I am loved. “I am not loved because of how many pages I’ve read or because of how much of it I understand; I am loved because Jesus, in His mercy, loves me. I am not a new creation if I wake up at 5:00 each morning (far from it!); I am a new creation because Jesus in His mercy saved me.” It doesn’t matter if I read one verse or read multiple chapters each day, God loves us always. God wants to spend time with me (and you) because He loves His children.

So put on some good calm worship music (my favorites: Steffany GretzingerHillsong, I Am They, Jesus Culture, and Bethel Music) and spend some time with your creator.

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