College Rules!

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As a higher education professional, I’ve read books upon books on college and tips on how to succeed. I haven’t found a book about college success tips as comprehensive as this book. College Rules! How to study, survive, and succeed is a fantastic resource for students and higher education professionals.

We know you’re smart. You know you’re smart. This book draws on the authors years of experience as students, professors, and researchers to bring you the very best advice on how to have a successful college career.

This book covers successful college career tips such as: where to find help on campus, advice about professors, tips on selecting a major, ways college differs from high school, tips on how to succeed if you’re a non-traditional student, time management, technology, motivation, leadership, the demands of college, studying smarter, handling stress, understanding how you learn, syllabi, expectations, taking notes, active reading, remembering what you read, research, presentations, preparing for exams, and more!

Notable Quotes/Tips:

  • Be proactive.
  • Seek help. Research has shown that students who seek out help when they first begin to struggle academically make a comeback and do well.
  • Figure out your prime time for studying and learning.
  • You are always motivated to do something. Key is to be motivated to do the right things at the right time.
  • Students who rehearse and review information remember up to three times more than students who just read.
  • There is no shortcut to learning difficult material.
  • Remember everyone is different and what works for your roommate [or friends] may not work for you.

College Rules! receives 5 out of 5 ruby red slippers.

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