Runa – Clean Energy For the Afternoon


Runa Tea. They sent me some tea to try and with life so busy these last few weeks I just haven’t had time to sit down and try, note, type etc. Now that classes have finally started at Washington State University Vancouver I’ve finally had a chance to work on this post and do it right…but where are all my bottles and cans that I was supposed to try? …they were nearly all gone. How could I miss them slowly disappearing from the fridge? I knew the culprit, though. I peeked into his office after checking the fridge and there he was. Headphones on, fingers dancing on the keyboard, cryptic languages that only he and his lumberjack looking web developer friends know.

Runa, not just for the hikes

Don’t tell my hubby but I have a secret weapon: the ultimate weapon that can only be entrusted to the rarest secret agents around: the look. It must be used wisely, used only in the case of life or death. One look and it can bring out the truth in even the most hardened cute web developing husbands. One look and he’ll tell me everything. This was just the situation…


Allison: “Ehem…honey?” *deploy look*

Cute Hubby: “Yes love?” *turns and looks at me*

Cute Hubby: “I did it! I drank Them!”

Allison: “Works every time.” *smirks*

The poor guy didn’t know what hit him. He shared how he loved his coffee but the afternoons didn’t always feel like they were suited for coffee so he had been sneaking my Runa samples and getting a fresh burst of energy to finish his day strong coding up the world’s internet. He agreed to do dishes for two full months and give me a foot rub every night for the rest of the year and he returned to his code… he didn’t return without a Runa Guayasa Tea lightly sweetened Peach tea, though. This time, he asked.


I had grand visions of taking my Runa samples on a great hike and having amazing photos of me drinking it on the top of a mountain. The balance of great taste and clean energy powering me to go longer and harder than before. It was all perfect in my head…but you know what? Not everybody can get out and hit the trails when life is busy. Life isn’t perfect even though us bloggers try to make it appear like it is. Runa isn’t just for the hikes. As my husband discovered: it’s for the everyday moments too. …although we don’t need to get as real life as his office. There is real life and then there is his desk. Octopus-cat figurine and funky looking keyboard and all. Bubbles on the short walk where the hubby and I get out on occasion for a quick walk between the events in our currently hectic schedule is a much more pretty sight than his office.IMG_1889blogpics



So, enjoy your tea: on the trails or frantically working on those final details on that project for work or school. Clean energy isn’t just for the mountains outside.

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