Disclaimer: I received Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst c/o BookLookBloggers.


When two of your favorite authors release books on the same day you’ll find me reading chapters of one book and then picking up the other to read some more.

Lysa TerKeurst released Uninvited on the same day that Shauna Niequist released Present Over Perfect. Present Over Perfect came in the mail first so clearly I began that one first. Uninvited ended up getting finished first. Both books are books that I’ll be re-reading for years.

What I love about Uninvited is the fact that Lysa shares her personal stories, wisdom, and scripture, all while continually pointing you to Jesus. As the author states…

I would love to tell you I’m writing about this because I’ve overcome rejection in every way. I have made progress. I’m nowhere near as overly sensitive as I used to be. But there’s a cussing “angel” who would caution me there’s still work to be done. No, I didn’t choose this topic because I’ve mastered it. I chose this topic of rejection because I want us to dig into the core of who we are and expose and finally heal rejections deep infection. I’ll warn you, the exposing of it all won’t be tidy. But it will be honest. And it will be good.

Uninvited receives 5 out of 5 ruby red slippers.



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