Hood River Fruit Loop


The beauty of living in Portland is that day trips outside of the city to really awesome places are quite close. When mom and dad suggested going to the Hood River Fruit Loop, a place I’ve been excited to visit for quite some time you gladly jump in the car and go!

The fruit loop is only a little over an hour away from Portland, Oregon and we explored three stops on the loop.

The Gorge White House

When you step out of your car, the first thing you notice is the incredible views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams. Venture here for Hard Cider Tasting, berry picking, flower picking, the food cart, and more. We picked red raspberries in late September, tried the incredible cider (Blueberry was totally my favorite), and had amazing tacos for lunch.

Kiyokawa Family Orchards & Farm Stand

Ranked the #5 place to pick apples in the United States and it was evident! Incredible customer service and they wanted you to sample the apples as soon as you walked up to the farm stand. I’ve never seen so many varieties of apples. Don’t know which variety is your favorite? Sample the apples to figure out which variety you like best. We even found Hanner Jumbo Apples that weigh on average 1.5 pounds each. Added bonus, you can ride in the Red Flyer Wagons!

Draper Girls Country Farm & U-Pick Orchards

What a cute old-time fruit stand filled with a great mix of fresh produce (I got amazing Concord grapes and green peppers), delightful antiques, and down home friendly service. We tried also tried their fresh apple cider varieties, YUM!

Allison’s Berry/Apple Picking Fashion Tips:

  1. Wear closed toe shoes. You’re on a berry farm, this isn’t the time for cute heels or cute sandals. Put on a pair of boots or tennis shoes and you’ll be good to go for walking and exploring.
  2. Wear something you don’t mind getting dirty. You’re outside, enjoy it! Wear whatever you’re coziest in and are okay with putting in the wash when you’re done if you spill raspberries on yourself while you’re picking.








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    September 29, 2016 at 11:11 am

    Going apple picking is so fun! I haven’t done that in forever.

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