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A Morning with The Ramsings – Inspired By Harry’s

A word about Harry’s

When Harry’s started, my early-adopter hubby jumped on board and got a razor from them. He’s been using it with the Harry’s blades ever since. Before Harry’s I was using whatever razor was on sale at Target that week. One morning, Peter left his razor out on the counter and I decided to give his a try, and I liked it a lot. Peter finally got fed up with having to fetch his razor from the shower that he got me my own. We’re officially a Harry’s family now and we wouldn’t go back. Also, we love their packaging. It’s really fun.

The Ramsing Morning Routine

Sometimes it’s fun to peek into the life of someone…it’s like opening up their junk drawer. …and boy was Peter and I’s first few years of morning routines tough! I really need my routine and Peter just needs time to get what he needs done. I didn’t have roommates for a reason after undergrad and Peter always had them. We struggled to get to a place where Peter felt like I wanted him around and I felt like Peter respected my need for routine. We’ve got it sorted now (most days) and it usually starts with Peter’s Garmin Watch buzzing to wake him up 30 minutes before me.

My Routine

I like my sleep. Always have. I like to keep my morning routine as short as possible to maximize my sleep time. The first thing I do in the morning is shower. It’s like my cup of coffee. It wakes me up and refreshes me. I like my hair straight but prefer sleep over straightening. Sometimes I straighten it the night before and use dry-shampoo in the morning but typically I just rock my curls.

Beginning before the alarm

I try really hard to start my morning routine the night before. This includes tying up any loose ends from the day, cleaning the house, nagging Peter to finish the dishes, and going to bed early. Getting to bed at a reasonable time ensures that the only side of the bed is the right side when I get up.

Shower Time

My shower is pretty simple. Make it as warm as I can take it, wash hair + wash face + use conditioner + body wash. I’ll shave my legs with whatever shaving gel I have or go without if nothing is around and get on with my morning. Peter’s much more into his razors than I but I like how the Harry’s razors feel and how affordable the blades are. I don’t need all that “fancy” stuff that comes with those other leg razors. Just give me a sharp blade and keep it simple. Here are some tips that get me through:

  • Replace the blades often. At least once a week! It’s not a sales gimmick it’s just how often it should be done. (And I always forget to change them, thankfully my hubby often sneaks in and does it for me.)
  • With the grain before against the grain.
  • Slow and steady and with super light pressure. (pressing hard is not only bad for your skin but reduces the blade’s ability to work its best)
  • Long strokes > Short strokes
  • It’s okay to miss hairs on occasion so don’t sweat it. If your man can’t handle it then make him shave your legs for you.

Get Dressed

As I take a shower I plan out my outfit for the day in my head. I quickly get dressed after my shower to maximize my time in the morning.


I’ve never been a breakfast lover. I’m not sure why but I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually, for now, I keep things simple with a bowl of cereal while I go through a devotional or sometimes just a simple scroll of the news or Instagram.

Makeup Maximizer

To not mess up my makeup, I first brush my teeth. I love makeup but really don’t like how much time that it can eat up. When it’s time for a fancy night on the town I’m much more willing to put in some decent time but if it makes my makeup routine take more than 10 minutes it will not happen daily. My new favorite addition is this simple foundation stick my mom gave me from Clinique. I’ll add a little blush to brighten my face and throw a little mascara on to make my eyes pop. Lipstick is my finishing touch before my perfume. This perfume is amazing and feels very luxurious (and yes it’s technically called cologne). It’s okay to have a few favorites but the ones given by your hubby are much preferred! As they say in France: “…a madam should never buy her own perfume…” I like that. 🙂

Get Up, Get Going (on workdays)

As I said I like my sleep. After makeup and using the restroom, it’s time to go and Peter and I head out the door to begin our day. His train station is on my way to work so we pile into the car together for a quick bit of time together talking before he piles out to catch his 7:21 train downtown and I head north to campus.

Get Up, Get Cozy (on weekends)

On the weekend I still get up at the usual time to keep my internal clock ticking but I certainly up my cozy-factor. After breakfast, you’ll find me on my laptop reading blogs or maybe writing one.

 Peter’s Routine

(in his words)

I like to get up as early as I can. My dad would always be up in the morning really early I loved to join him as a little kid. I’d have my blanket and would sit above the heating vent in the kitchen while my dad made us breakfast. I didn’t stay consistent in my early rising as I grew up but I try to stay that way now. Workday, weekend, or holiday I try to keep my body on the same clock and get up at 5:30.

Start the night before

Starting the night before, I prep my coffee for the morning so I don’t wake Allison (yup, call me a saint). I have more on my site about my coffee prep if you’re curious. The night before I also make sure that my bag is ready to go and anything I need to take with me is in my bag.

After I make my coffee I leave it in the kitchen to cool. I only have a few sips of it before leaving for work–I mainly drink it through my morning in the office.

I have taken cold showers for about a year now. They do wonders for my skin and hair keeping it silky smooth and soft. The cold water also does wonders to wake me up and help get my blood flowing; not only that it also helps keep my showers shorter.

Shave time!

Here’s how I do it…mileage-may-vary

  1. Wet a washcloth with warm water (not hot…room temp + a few degrees) and hold that against the face for about 15 seconds
  2. Wet my shave brush and put some shaving gel on. I like Harry’s stuff, and for full disclosure: they only gave us blades and new handles–I bought the shave gel on my own, but I don’t swear by any brand and do like others. I do like the gel over the cream, though. Personal preference is all.
  3. Shave.
    • Long strokes and with hardly any pressure against the skin. Let the blades do their work…they don’t need your help.
    • Always with the grain first. Always!
    • If I feel like the shave is hurting a bit I know that it’s time for a new blade. The nature of how the blades work is that they are easily dulled – not due to lack of quality but due to their extreme sharpness and size. (not paid to say that either…it’s just pure physics and metal alloys…I’m also not a metal alloy expert…just good at googling.)
    • I’ve found Harry’s blades last about 3 shaves. For comparison, I typically went about 3-5 shaves on my Gillette blades but at a much steeper price.
    • If I want a close shave I’ll shave against the grain (again…long strokes) for a closer shave. Two step process! 1. with the grain 2. against the grain
  4. Towel off making a point to dab instead of wipe.
  5. Rarely moisturize. Only if my face is dying do I moisturize…otherwise, I just go all-natural relying on my body to balance the moisture. I liked Harry’s moisturizer but somehow tradition keeps me using NIVEA (my grandpa and my dad used it…so I do too).

After I shave I’ll typically put on some hair product and then brush my teeth (yup…I always do this before eating so I know it’s done. I’ll do it again before I leave the house, too). Then it’s time for some clothes and I’m ready to hit the day!

Eating and Preparing

Following hygiene, it’s a light breakfast while I go over my OmniFocus Forecast and get my bearings on the day. Then I grab my Bible and journal (I use DayOne) and read by the fireplace (or on the deck in the summer). Having time to prepare for the day both with my schedule and spiritually (and emotionally) has really helped me improve my overall success in my day. I often times forget about the simplest things or forget to see if God has anything to add or remove from my day.


Allison drops me off at the train station as it’s on her way to work and I pop in my headphones for my commute into downtown Portland. Typically I’m catching up on Marketplace’s Morning Report followed by an audiobook as I scroll my “Commuting” context in OmniFocus to catch those quick-win tasks I can get done on the train.

Thanks for taking a look into our mornings. Maybe you learned something or maybe it was just fun to see what someone else does. Also, huge thanks to Harry’s for sending us some awesome swag. Both Peter and I think their company is amazing.

Anything from our morning routine you thought was awesome? …anything you think we should be doing differently?

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