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barre3 in portland

When I walk into barre3 my soul comes alive.

I’m not just saying that either. There is something about working through difficult exercises at barre3 with fun music and an encouraging instructor. This last Saturday I finally made it back in for a class after being out for some health stuff and then not making it in due to weather when I finally did feel better. Goodness, did I miss it!

When I’m in a class I know that I don’t have to be perfect. Working hard is all that is required and I love that. I’m not perfect and for someone who struggles with perfectionism, I’m so thankful for the safety to not be perfect and to not be judged for my shaking legs when the pose is really hard.

In those moments of struggle, it’s so encouraging to have someone like Alyssa in my studio to help coach me and encourage me. She’s the best and helps me get to my happy place!

Don’t focus on perfection, focus on elongated movements. –Alyssa, barre3 Instructor

It’s in those moments when I’m shaking and quaking that I feel challenged, empowered, and strong. I leave barre3 and I still have a glow about me. It’s the glow of conquering a workout. It’s the glow of endorphins. It’s the glow of knowing that I don’t have to be perfect.


barre3 in portland

barre3 in portland

barre3 in portland

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