Father’s Day with Harry’s

Father's Day with Harry's

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Father’s Day with Harry’s

A few months ago my husband, Peter, and I wrote a post about Harry’s razors. We both have used them for years (read more about that post here) and still do daily.

Harry’s emailed us again and wondered if we wanted to share our thoughts on their products for a second review! They sent us some more of their epic products to try out.

The overall sensation of Harry’s razors and accessories:

  1. The design is amazing and even the shave cream looks good enough to leave on the counter.
  2. Packaging is fun to make getting them in the mail a joy.
  3. The blades are super affordable making them more cost-effective to replace as often as you should.
  4. The accessories are well designed but are not considerably better functionally than other brands.
  5. The Harry’s customer service is amazing and has spoiled us rotten even before we’ve worked with them on the blog. Harry’s feels like a cool little shop down the street where you know the owner. It’s really nice.
  6. In a case of emergency being able to get blades at Target is convenient.
  7. Peter nor I would choose to own any other razor brand.

Thank you again, Harry’s for sending us more of your awesome products!

Father's Day with Harry's

Father's Day with Harry's

Father's Day with Harry's

Here’s what Peter had to say:

Razor Stand:

I’d been eyeing the Harry’s razor stand for a while. Putting my razor in the drawer made me nervous that it would damage the blades and leaving it the counter wasn’t terribly good looking. While the razor stand doesn’t solve the “on the counter” problem it makes it look like it’s supposed to be there. I also think it looks darn good…and let’s be honest that’s sort of why it works so well–the look. It is really practical and I don’t have to use the travel cover whenever I put it in the drawer.* I find the metal handle didn’t fit as nicely as the plastic one but both look great on the counter with the stand.

For full disclosure: Harry’s spoiled us and engraved our initials on the razor stand. Since my razor is on the counter I can’t see the engraving unless I look reeeeally close. If it were in a medicine cabinet or a higher shelf it’d be much more visible, but if it’s on the counter I wouldn’t bother. Sorry Harry’s…

Shave Gel:

Harry’s sent me some more of this and I really do like it. I got a travel “Edge” for some travel since the Harry’s was too big and I don’t think the Harry’s is any better. –but, there is something about how great the Harry’s looks. I actually started leaving it on the counter to free up a drawer and I certainly wouldn’t do that with Edge. So there you go: looks great and does the job like the others.

Post Shave Balm:

If you have sensitive skin like me you know how sometimes it’s the “post-shave burn” that is the worst part of shaving…and even with the best blades I certainly can have some burn on occasion. This stuff certainly does soothe the burn. I don’t do use it after every shave but if my face is burning then I pull it out and I’m glad I have it.

Daily Face Lotion:

I’ll be honest: the only reason I use this is because of the SPF 15 it has. I’ve never been one to use a daily cream but I’ve started using this–I’ll let you know in 20 years it helps my skin stay younger looking. The smell (which I wouldn’t call a scent as much as just a smell) is mild which is really nice. I’ve used some creams that try to be cologne; this is not that and I’m thankful for that.

Father’s Day Reminder:

Hey, if Harry’s scratches our back we’ll scratch theirs by saying that the Harry’s Razor is perfect for a Father’s Day Present. Have you scratched your dad’s back lately? If you haven’t why make up for it with blessing his tie from last Father’s Day off with a Harry’s razor and some blades. Maybe even a razor stand to make your Mom appreciate the aesthetic of a razor on the bathroom counter? Plus you can order it online and cross that off your list–how easy is that?

*I’ve been using the travel cover for about a year and after daily opening and closing, it started to not stay closed on my razor as well. It works great for occasional travel but not for daily use.

Father's Day with Harry's

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