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Monthly Favorites // 002 // October 2017

Colors of Fall: This year fall has been extra vibrant in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve always enjoyed fall on a college campus. Fall on a college campus always symbolizes the beginning of a new semester and the energy that surrounds new beginnings is just my favorite. And then you add the colors of fall and inside my head, I’m beaming as I soak the joy of everything in. Every time I step out of my office I’m in awe of the colors. The way the light hits the leaves is captivating. I can’t leave out how incredible raindrops look as they drip off the leaves. I’m just amazed at the creativity that fall radiates.

Local Apples: Apple picking is one of my favorite fall traditions. The joy of going picking with friends and family is always on my must-do list. It’s the experience that keeps on giving as I am still eating farm fresh apples as my snack at work every day. Every apple reminds me of the fun times had with friends and family.

Burrito Heaven: Anytime Peter and I go to Corvallis I try to fit a trip to Burrito Heaven in. Our most recent trip I managed to squeeze in my first gel manicure and a trip to Burrito Heaven, all while Peter visited his favorite stomping grounds, Timberhill Starbucks. We were only in town for about an hour and a half just to pick up our Christmas Decorations out of Peter’s dad’s shop. If you manage to stop in Corvallis, I highly recommend the Chicken Burrito! There were some weeks that we’d have them one to three times, to say I miss them is an understatement haha.

What are you loving this October?

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