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Let’s Talk About Coats – The Budget Peacoat

Let's Talk About Coats - The Budget Peacoat -

Let’s Talk About Coats – The Budget Peacoat

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest I never imagined how essential it would be to own coats of so many different materials and weights. Growing up in the Midwest, I owned a peacoat, raincoat, and a waterproof winter coat and that’s all that was necessary for that season of life.

The longer I live in Oregon the more coats I accumulate…okay, okay I like coats and I will add, that the weather tends to vary here more than I ever imagined it would. I own peacoats in two different weights (for semi-cold days and actual cold days), running raincoats (heck, I was only sort of a runner when I lived in the Midwest), raincoats for everyday wear in various styles and warmth weights, and a trusty waterproof winter coat. I’ll talk about raincoats another day, today, I’m going to share my favorite lightweight peacoat with you.

One of the items I listed on my 10 Things You Must Own Before You Turn 30 was a wool coat. On that list, I included a wool coat that was 75% wool and is the one I wear when it’s Pacific Northwest cold, (under 45-50 degrees). The peacoat in today’s post is 35% wool and is greater for the cooler fall days, warmer winter days (above 45-50 degrees), and the early days of spring.

I love how when I put a peacoat on I feel instantly polished. Sometimes I’ll put a peacoat on over athleisure just to feel fancy. In all seriousness, though I typically wear this coat to work or on the weekend over a dress, dress pant/top combo, or a pair of dark wash jeans and a top.

This peacoat comes in multiple colors. My favorite is obviously red because I can add a bit of school spirit to my wardrobe. You know you work in Higher Education when you associate colors with universities, Go Cougs!

Let's Talk About Coats - The Budget Peacoat -

Let's Talk About Coats - The Budget Peacoat -

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    January 8, 2018 at 9:55 am

    Cute coat. Love the color red!

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