The Best Surgery Recovery Attire

The Best Surgery Recovery Attire -

11 Days Post Endometriosis Excision Surgery, 3 Days Prior to Second Dermatology Surgery

The Best Surgery Recovery Attire

When you’re recovering from surgery, wear what works best for you, meaning, wear whatever you want. Pending what type of surgery you’re recovering from, will depend on what you want to wear. The best recovery attire for you could be drastically different, than what I wore, so find what works best and rock it. Likely, you’ll want to wear the most comfortable attire possible, I know I sure did.

Spoiler alert, there is no “best surgery recovery attire”, what’s best, is whatever is cozy.

The best recovery attire for me looked like pajamas, leggings, and tees. I spent a good majority of my recovery in JCrew pajamas. When I wasn’t in pajamas, (because sometimes you want to get out of them), I lived in leggings and tees. The softer the fabric the better. Below you’ll find similar styles to what I wore during recovery.

If you’re curious why I’m posting about the best surgery recovery attire, read my last post.

The Best Surgery Recovery Attire -

Three Days Post Endometriosis Excision Surgery 

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