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What’s In My Makeup Bag? – 2018 Edition

What's In My Makeup Bag? - 2018 Edition -

What’s In My Makeup Bag? – 2018 Edition

Part of your personal style is how you do your makeup. Over the years I’ve tried all kinds of makeup products trying to find the best product. Now that I’ve found my tried and true products, I use the exact same products every day. Some days I don’t use all of them, but I do tend to use a good majority of these daily.

As I was getting ready yesterday, I thought why not do an updated blog post. It’s been awhile since I’ve shared my makeup favorites, and by awhile, I mean three years. Friends and even my mom, ask me what makeup products I’m using these days, so I figured I’d share.

I only use a makeup bag when I’m traveling. For ease of use, I keep all these products corraled in a white and goal dish (yep, I found it in the dishes section at Home Goods) on the counter. So here’s what’s in my makeup bag, I mean, on my bathroom counter.

What's In My Makeup Bag? - 2018 Edition -

What’s In My Makeup Bag? – Eyes

Eyeliner: I asked a Sephora employee this fall what their favorite eyeliner was and they pointed me to this gem. Hourglass Eyeliner 1.5mm glides on perfectly and stays on all day. I only started wearing eyeliner again this year. Eyeliner gives a great pop to your eye.

Mascara: Mascara often gives me a rash on my eyes. Tarte Gifted has never given me a rash. Therefore, it’s become my favorite tried and true mascara.

Brows: I was in desperate need of an eyebrow wax last spring and happened to be walking through Macy’s and remembered that Benefit did eyebrow waxes. After they finished my eyebrow wax they put on Ka-Brow in Shade o2 by Benefit. I hadn’t had my eyebrows filled in since my wedding day and never thought it was something I should add to my daily makeup routine. Now I can’t imagine not filling them in on a daily basis. As someone who wears glasses, doing my eyebrows helps my eyes pop and gives great definition to my face.

Eye Cream: OleHenriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream came in my most recent Influenster VoxBox. This is a product that I would have never tried had it not been for receiving it in the mail compliments of Influenster. I’m so glad I’ve been able to try it. I put it on before I put on eyeliner and mascara and it’s like coffee for my eyes. I had never been one to put on eye cream, but the older I get the more I realize that I need to continue to take good care of my skin.

What's In My Makeup Bag? - 2018 Edition -

What’s In My Makeup Bag? – Lips

Chapstick: I’ve been using Burt’s Bees for years. My Aunt Carrie introduced me to this product when I was in college and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love the minty fresh touch to this lip balm. I’ve tried other styles of this lip balm and I always go back to the tried and true original lip balm.

Lipstick: I received this Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in 15 Lover compliments of Influenster this summer and I’m obsessed with it. Every single time I wear it I get compliments on the shade. It stays on ALL day and doesn’t come off on Peter when I kiss him, which he loves.

What's In My Makeup Bag? - 2018 Edition -

What’s In My Makeup Bag? – Face

Moisturizer: I have tried more moisturizers over the years than I can count. This Origins Ginzing moisturizer came as a sample in one of my more recent Sephora orders and I’m hooked. It doesn’t make me break out and it doesn’t leave my skin all greasy by the end of the day.

Concealer: Growing up my mom always used Clinique. As a little girl, I remember her getting the Clinique Bonus and it was always fun to see what products were in it. When I had dance recitals she’d put a beautiful lipstick on me that often came in her bonus. To this day, she still uses almost all Clinique products. So, of course, some of my makeup favorites over the years have remained in the Clinique line because of my mom and the awesome memories. Clinique makes an Acne Solutions line and I’m a huge fan of the concealer. I use Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Concealer in Shade 01 to cover up any zits.

Foundation: The name of this foundation stick cracks me up every morning. Clinique Chubby in the Nude in 06 Intense Ivory is the foundation I use almost daily. I say almost because I don’t wear foundation every single day. I tend to not wear makeup on Saturdays and often on Sundays too.

Blush: The name of this product is also funny, Nars Blush – Orgasm. I’ve seen this product in so many magazines over the years that I had to see what it was all about and it definitely lives up to its hype. It’s definitely one I’ll continue to use for years and years to come.

Shimmering Powder: This product is still pretty new to my morning routine. I’ve been using Urban Decay Naked Illuminated for a few months. I love how it brightens my face and adds a bit of sparkle. I brush it over my face after I put on all of the above products.

What's In My Makeup Bag? - 2018 Edition -

What’s In My Makeup Bag? – Nails

Polish: I’m pretty basic when it comes to my nails. I pick a color and will wear it for months and months and months. A few months ago I got my first gel-manicure and I discovered the perfect nude polish, Opi Do You Take Lei Away?. I went online to see if it came in a non-gel polish and to my luck found it. So now when I do my nails at home, I can stick with the same shade every time.

Top Coat: Essie Good to Go Top Coat puts the finishing touches on an at-home manicure. My at-home manicure tends to last about a week with this top-coat. All the more reason why I love gel, it just lasts so much longer.

What's In My Makeup Bag? - 2018 Edition -

What’s In My Makeup Bag? – Fragrance

My Daily Go-To Scent: Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy is what I wear daily. Two spritzes and I’m good to go for the day. Peter loves the scent on me, which makes it all the more fun.

What's In My Makeup Bag? - 2018 Edition -

What’s In My Makeup Bag? – Hair

Heat Protectant: Amika Heat Defense Serum is my favorite go-to on days that I wear my hair straight. It smells amazing and it works wonders.

Dry Shampoo: On days that I wear my panda and extend my hair for another day I always freshen it up with a bit of dry shampoo. Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo is my favorite, again, I love the smell of it. I received it compliments of Influenster a few months ago and I still haven’t used up this cute little can.

On Curly Days: When I don’t straighten my hair I love putting Kevin.Murphy Anti.Gravity in it right after showering and then I let it air dry. My hairdresser introduced me to this product and I’m hooked. I go to Leanne at Hair M-W in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon. This product makes my curls look amazing and I LOVE how Leanne cuts my hair!

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