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5 Days Of – Introducing a New Series

5 Days Of - Introducing a New Series - AllisonRamsing.com

5 Days Of

I’m excited to start a new style series on the blog, “5 Days Of”, otherwise known as, #5daysofstylechallenge.

Why 5 Days Of?

I recently completed my first 10×10 challenge. While I’m not a fan of capsule wardrobes, I am a fan of shopping my closet. One of my favorite parts of the 10×10 challenge was knowing exactly what I was going to wear each morning. I’d planned it out in advance and it made getting ready in the morning, so easy.

I wanted to keep some form of a closet challenge going, hence my new series, 5 Days Of.

I’ve decided to start this series as an opportunity to challenge myself to create outfits around a theme from my wardrobe.

This Challenge Is…

5 Days Of is a way to make getting ready easier and to shop less. You pick a garment type and wear it for five days, but you have to already own the items. When you plan the entire week’s outfits in advance it will also make getting ready in the morning easy.

The five days represent my current work week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Each new challenge will have a main focus. For example, my first week of this challenge will be, “5 Days Of – Shopping Your Closet”, wearing garments that I haven’t worn in a few months. I plan to do challenges in the weeks to come with items such as… black dress pants, jeans, blouses, dresses, and more, you’ll just have to follow along and see what’s to come.

This Challenge Is Not…

This challenge is not wearing the exact same thing for five days. For example, if I pick jeans, I’ll wear the three pairs I own (yes, I only own three pairs of jeans, more than that is not necessary considering I can’t wear jeans during the work week, except on Friday) throughout the week, or if I pick dresses, I’ll wear five different dresses that week, etc.

Join in!

Up for a style challenge? This challenge is designed for you to be able to try it yourself as well! If you join in, please feel free to use the hashtag #5daysof or tag me in your photos, @allisonramsing.

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