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5 Days of Turtlenecks

5 Days of Turtlenecks - AllisonRamsing.com

5 Days of Turtlenecks

The next challenge in the “5 Days Of” series, is 5 Days of Turtlenecks. The goal of this challenge is to wear turtlenecks that you have in your closet. All of the items in this post, including shoes, pants, accessories, etc., I already owned. If you own turtlenecks and want to join in on the challenge use the hashtag #5daysofstylechallenge and post a photo of your outfit of the day.

I’ve been in love with turtlenecks since the second grade. At that stage of life, I had a pink and purple striped turtleneck and a pink and white striped turtleneck. They were my favorite and I wore them as often as my mom could get them clean. These days I still wear turtlenecks as often as they are clean.

When I put on a turtleneck, I smile fondly on those childhood memories. Turtlenecks are a very classic style. When I wear one I feel like I’m channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn. Here’s a look at the outfits, I’ll be styling this week.

5 Days of Turtlenecks - AllisonRamsing.com

Day 1

We had the largest snowflakes that I’ve seen in my life on Sunday in Portland. Going into the work week, I knew I’d want to wear some clothes that would keep me a bit warmer for the next five days, especially with more snow in the forecast. To stay warm, I opted for fleece leggings, a turtleneck dress, and a vest. I dressed it up with pearls and heeled booties.

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5 Days of Turtlenecks - AllisonRamsing.com

Day 2

I had planned to wear this outfit for day two of the challenge. When I woke up it was snowing at our house and with more snow in the evening commute forecast, I opted to work from home for the day. Had I went to campus on Tuesday, I would have worn tights, booties, pearls, and a sweater turtleneck dress.

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5 Days of Turtlenecks - AllisonRamsing.com

Day 3

I’ll be rocking a striped sweater dress with fleece leggings and black ballet flats for day three of the challenge. To accessorize the outfit up I plan to add a gold tassel necklace and pearls.


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5 Days of Turtlenecks - AllisonRamsing.com

Day 4

I love this black and white striped turtleneck. I styled it last week in the 5 Days Of Shopping Your Closet challenge. This week, I wanted to pair brightly colored heels and pearl earrings with the turtleneck.

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5 Days of Turtlenecks - AllisonRamsing.com

Day 5

Anytime I can pair the pearls I wore on Peter and I’s wedding day with an outfit I tend to do so. I built this outfit around the hunter green turtlneck and the pearl necklace. I opted to pair them with a black blazer, jeans, pearl earrings, and black ballet flats.

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