The Best Supportive Sports Bras for Runners

The Best Supportive Sports Bras for Runners -

The Best Supportive Sports Bras for Runners

Three days a week I wake up at 5:30 AM lace up my shoes and go on a run. I supplement my running with barre3 two or three days a week, too. I’m currently training for my second 10K race and eagerly awaiting signing up for my third 10K when race entries open this week. When I run I think and pray about all kinds of things. During this morning’s four blissful miles one of the many things I pondered was sports bras. It might be a random thing to ponder, but I’m a fashion lover and I really needed to go expand my sports bra collection this weekend. I’m constantly doing laundry due to my super small sports bra collection. After a trip to Nike, I thankfully won’t have to do laundry every other day anymore.

In high school and college, I used to wear cheap cotton sports bras. Cotton is about the WORST possible fabric one can wear on a run. It soaks in the sweat and does not wick at all. Thank God, for the invention of dri-fit fabric. Years ago I threw those horrid cotton sports bras away and began researching what was going to be supportive, comfortable, and wouldn’t make me chafe during a run.

These four sports bras are my go-tos when I run from least to most supportive (they are all supportive sports bras).

  • Brooks Running FineForm Sports Bra: When I ditched the cotton bras this was one of the first bras I began wearing to workout in and they are still my go-to. They come in beautiful patterns and are great for running and for barre3 (my other favorite form of working out). This bra has high-impact support and can be worn racerback style or open back style. I almost always wear this bra racerback style because it feels more supportive as a racerback to me.
  • Nike Motion Adapt: I found this bra at the Nike Outlet this weekend for an incredible deal. From trying it on you can tell this bra is quite supportive and I can’t wait to wear it on a run. It comes in many fun color combinations and the racerback has mesh for breathability. You cannot go wrong with sweat-wicking and breathability in a bra.
  • Nike Rival: When I was returning a different bra to Nike that didn’t fit this weekend I found this bra. The Nike Rival comes in bra sizes, which is nice because it isn’t going to give you the uni-boob effect. From trying it on I’m impressed with how supportive it is and I love how simple and sleek it looks.
  • Victoria’s Secret Incredible Knockout Ultra Max Sports Bra: I went on my first run with this bra this week and it met all three criteria I have for a sports bra, supportive, comfortable, and won’t make me chafe. This sports bra has bra-within-a-bra technology. It clasps in the front and zips in the front and it comes in all kinds of fun colors and patterns. I almost always go for black sports bras. I went outside my comfort zone and picked the kir color which is a deeper purple/red color. It is by far the most supportive sports bra I own.

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