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How to Love and Take Care of Your Curls

How to Love and Take Care of Your Curls -

How to Love and Take Care of Your Curls

On June 15 I woke up and decided to wear my hair curly again and finally, for real this time, embrace my curls. That evening I took @atoya_thecurlyhairstudio curl course and I haven’t touched a straightener since. For years I believed my curls were ugly so I straightened them to get rid of them. At one point in my life, I even had shorter hair than my brother. Over time I have learned and now truly believe that I don’t need straight hair to feel beautiful. God made my curls beautiful and I am fearfully and wonderfully made in Him. God didn’t make a mistake when He gave me curly hair so I’m going to rock them confidently.

Loving your curls is a decision that only you can make. When you’re ready to embrace them put away your straightener, or better yet sell it or give it away. Loving my curls was definitely not an overnight process, it has taken me YEARS.

For years, I hated my curls because I didn’t know how to properly care for my curls. In the last few months and weeks, I’ve had strangers take photos of my hair at the airport because they love my hair and I’ve had strangers, colleagues, and friends ask me how I get my curls to look so beautiful. I’m going to share a few tips with you and I also suggest taking Atoya’s curl course.

How to Love and Take Care of Your Curls -

Let’s talk haircuts

Finding a haircutter who knows how to properly cut curly hair is one of THE most important things when caring for your curls. Here’s a resource to find a curl specialist in your area. For years, haircutters have thinned my hair almost every single time I’ve gotten a haircut. At my last haircut with Atoya (who is amazing and a curl specialist!), I learned that every time one has curly hair thinned they are breaking up their curl families. Which means that your hair won’t curl as well. To my curly hair ladies, stop letting your stylist thin your hair and/or go find a curly hair specialist.

How to Love and Take Care of Your Curls -

Let’s talk washing your hair

I use Atoya’s method through and through (see the photo below).

Allison’s Additional Notes:

  • Step 2, I do rinse out the shampoo, but I try to keep as much water in as possible.
  • Step 6, I don’t ever comb my hair with a brush or a comb. I only ever use my fingers to break up any knots my hair has formed.
  • Step 9, like Atoya recommends, I also put my gel on IN the shower and I’ve found that has made all the difference.
  • Step 11, I diffuse on the cool setting almost every morning.
  • Step 12, I don’t do this until about 10 or 11 in the morning each day.

How to Love and Take Care of Your Curls - 1. Wash hair 2. Do not rinse out your water. Remember, water is hydration. 3. Marry conditioner with water in a coat and scrunch method. 4. Rotate a little water with conditioner until your hair looks, sounds and feels like wet soggy spaghetti noodles. 5. Let that sit while you do your shower routine. 6. Detangle with fingers only or a wide tooth comb. 7. Rake through your hair creating ribbons with conditioner if needed. If you can rake through fairly easy (with thin and fine hair types), then just use water. 8. Drizzle rinse. Play around with how much conditioner you leave in. If your goal if less frizz and more curl retention, you will leave most in. If you are going for volume, you can drizzle a little more out. 9. Flip, coat, scrunch with gel or mousse. (In the shower, with hair wet) Remember you are trapping or building a cast around the water. 10. After all water is scrunched out with your hands, grab a micro-fiber towel or t-shirt and continue to scrunch. 11. Air dry or diffuse. 12. Scrunch until there's no crunch.

Let’s talk products

I’ve tried far too many curly hair products over the years in search of the product that will make my curls beautiful. What I’ve learned is that it’s not all in the products, it’s in the method (see above on washing your hair).

Also, the beauty of what I’ve learned is that you don’t need to make it so complicated. All you really need, is shampoo, conditioner, and gel. Sometimes I add a few extra products to my hair, but currently, I’m out of 1/2 of them and am not sure if I’ll replace them or not. With products for your curly hair, you want to find sulfate-free products when possible, sulfates are quite harsh on your curls.

Do note: Every curl responds differently to different products, so you might need to try quite a few before you find your right combination. My scalp tends to itch something fierce with any devaCurl product which I know a lot of curly haired people love. These products below make my curls and scalp happy.




Other Favorites:

How to Love and Take Care of Your Curls -

Let’s talk drying your hair

For years, I’ve air-dried my hair. These days I put the diffuser attachment on my hairdryer and push the cool button so my hair isn’t sopping wet for work. I’ll diffuse for about 3-5 minutes. I stop while it is still a little wet so that it’s not a frizzed out mess. It is, however, still a little wet when I walk into work, but by the time I’m ready to see my first student of the day, it’s typically almost dry or actually dry.

Note: Your curls are likely never going to look the same from day to day, embrace them!



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