Fall 2018 Causebox Review

Fall 2018 Causebox Review -

Fall 2018 Causebox Review

Have you ever clicked the “buy” button simply because you saw a Facebook ad? I did, to try Causebox.

So, what is Causebox? Causebox is a subscription box that has 6-8 products in it from socially conscious brands.

I was super curious to try it out and see what it was all about. The Fall Box that I received contained six items. To be totally transparent, I sold two of the six items on Poshmark because I knew I wouldn’t use them and ended up paying for my first box that way.

What came in the Fall 2018 Causebox?

  • October Jaipur Everyday Tote retails for $80
  • Bloom and Give Scarf retails for $60
  • Kalos Moisturizer retails for $28
  • S’well Waterbottle retails for $45 (this item was originally going to be a really cool cheeseboard)
  • Papersource notecards retails for $12
  • Realher Eyeshadow Palette and Brush retails for $38

My favorite products in this Fall 2018 box are by far the scarf and eyeshadow palette. I’m excited to keep seeing what Causebox keeps coming up with for future boxes.

Fall 2018 Causebox Review -

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