Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.
God is going to do something amazing through you.
Why are you okay with being just mediocre?
Why are you okay with following others?
Follow Christ.
Stand up and be a leader.
Go do what God has called you to do.
Don’t know what God has called you to do?
Seek Him on a moment-by-moment basis as He unfolds His plans for your life.
Be bold. Be courageous.
Speak life and speak truth.
Go and make a difference in others lives.
Go live out the plans God has for you.
Abandon comfort. Abandon control.
Free your mind and focus on God.
Rid yourself of anger.
Break those chains.
Breathe a deep breath.
God gave you those lungs and they are good.
Feel your heartbeat.
God gave you that too and it is also good.
You are beautiful.
Stop comparing yourself to others.
It doesn’t matter what others say.
It doesn’t matter what others do.
It matters that you go and make a difference.
It doesn’t matter what brands you wear.
Be you.
Build relationships.
Get real. Get messy.
Relationships are messy.
Dive deep.
Embrace your story and use it for good.
Choose joy. Choose peace.
Start doing those things that you are talented at that you have neglected.
Start fully using your God-given talents.
Create. Love. Show empathy. Show compassion. Travel.
Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.

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