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For When Cozy Is Necessary – Tobi Tunic and Cardigan

One Tunic Two Looks in front of the Zoom Care Mural in Portland, Oregon

Location: Zoom Care – 607 NE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97232

Outfit Details: Rachel Boat Neck Tunic Top c/o | Carly Draped Cardigan c/o

Stella & Dot Necklace | Nike+ Apple Watch | Lululemon Leggings | Sam Edelman Sandals

Tobi’s cozy cardigan and tunic were perfect for snuggling on the couch

(as a note, I dictated this post to my hubby–it’ll make sense in a moment)

My hubby had just got home from work and was wondering where I was. Typically I was home before him so when I wasn’t there he checked “Find My Friends” to see me on the Interstate Bridge. He figured I was in some traffic and carried on. A while later, with me still not home, he checked my location again and I was still on the bridge…and that’s when he got a bit worried because even with traffic that’s not typical…

I was extremely lucky that night as so many others have been in far worse accidents. For me, being rear-ended on Interstate Bridge, a bridge that I get nervous whenever I’m on it, was not a fun experience whatsoever.

The following day, as I’m laying on the couch with the doctor putting me on bed-rest with a concussion and whiplash, I needed some cozy. The Cardigan from Tobi has been an absolute must during this time. It’s been keeping me warm, snuggled, and it feels like my hubby’s hugs. (okay, not exactly like them–his usually include some kissing on the cheek)

I’ve also basically lived in the tunic top they sent me. Its lightweight fabric has been necessary with my whiplash and with the cardigan paired with leggings, it’s about as comfortable as you’ll get.

Typically I wouldn’t find myself shopping at a site like Tobi. If I’m honest their stuff looked a bit young for me and, dare-I-say, low-cut. While I don’t think Tobi will be my go-to for my office wardrobe I was impressed with how cozy their stuff was and you’ll certainly find me styling Tobi pieces in the future. Especially for being cozy around the house or brunch with friends on the weekend! The lightweight fabric is perfect for Netflix Audiobook and Chill time and the hubby likes how great I look in it.

Little did I know when we took these photos at the Zoom+Care mural a few weeks ago I’d be back there as a patient. How awesome Zoom+Care has been is another post for another time, though.

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Collaborations Portland Style

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