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Cozy Coast Style

Cozy Coast Style in Lincoln City, Oregon

Location: Hwy 101 Lincoln City, Oregon

Outfit Details: Fleece (Similar) | Shoes | Leggings

Cozy Coast Style

The coast is calling and I must go.

Going to the coast is one of my favorite ways to unwind and relax. A few weekends ago we went to the coast with Peter’s family and stayed at the luscious Salishan Resort. It’s my new favorite place to stay on the Oregon coast. The rooms are incredible and there is a beautiful hiking path that leads you straight to the ocean.

We arrived at the coast to the sunshine, which was the best surprise! We even had the best of both worlds weather-wise, as we fell asleep to the sound of raindrops and awoke to another radiant day of sunshine.

When I go to the coast I love to transition out of my work wardrobe into the weekend cozy coast style. I pull out my favorite fleece sweaters, leggings, Nike shoes, and rain boots to walk the coast with. My hubby even pulls out his nearly matching fleeces (yes, we’re that couple and I love it!).

Now, to book our next adventure back…

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