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Foot Traffic Hop Hop 5K

Foot Traffic Hop Hop 5K in Portland, Oregon

Foot Traffic Hop Hop 5K

Easter weekend my friend Allyson and I ran the Hop Hop 5K put on by Foot Traffic. She was running her first 5K race and I was running my seventh.

My first 5K in 2006, I ran quickly at the start, walked the majority of the rest of the race, and then ran to the finish line. After that race, I vowed to myself to never walk during another 5K race. I quickly broke that vow when I did my next 5K in 2011 when the race finish was up a huge hill on The University of Kansas campus.

Thankfully, I’ve made it through 2/3 of the 5K races I’ve ran without walking, the Hop Hop 5K being one of them! Both Allyson and I had personal-best 5K times and placed in the top 20 in our age division.

The Foot Traffic Hop Hop 5K is a well-organized, fun event. The course was also great, and a huge bonus to any runner, it’s fairly flat.

Half-way through the race, you typically have a water station. Typically, I quickly breeze past them. This time they were handing out Peeps and jellybeans. On an Easter themed race we had to have a Peep and shortly after felt the sugar high.

At the end of the Hop Hop 5K there were egg croissant sandwiches and mimosas. Having a breakfast at the end of the race was such a treat and reminded me of that first race in 2006 when we were treated with omelets at the end.

I’m eagerly awaiting next Easter to do this race again!

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