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April 25th is an incredible day. It’s my birthday. It’s also the birthday of so many other incredible people that I know: Anna, Austin, Jan, Sandy, Savannah, Danielle, Monique, Dottie, Joanne, and Helen. That’s just the people that I know personally. By the way, Happy Birthday to my fabulous birthday buddies!

But, April 25th is not about me.

Yes, you might have one special day that’s yours every single year, but think of all of the wonderful people that you get to share it with. Think of all of the wonderful people who celebrate you. Think about your wonderful parents who gave you a wonderful childhood. Think about this wonderful life you’ve been given by God.

Love those around you. Knock off the selfishness because your birthday is not all about you. It’s about loving God and loving others. So, love them. Love them fiercely. Because the people that we’ve been blessed with enough to have in our lives are incredible.

Make the most out of the day and the year that you’ve been given. It’s a gift.

Today I turn 28 and I want to make the most out of this year that I’ve been given. One way that I love to make the most out of things is by making goals. So on that note, I made a few goals for the year. If you want to join me in accomplishing any of them let’s chat!

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