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A Morning with The Ramsings – Inspired By Harry’s

A word about Harry’s

When Harry’s started, my early-adopter hubby jumped on board and got a razor from them. He’s been using it with the Harry’s blades ever since. Before Harry’s I was using whatever razor was on sale at Target that week. One morning, Peter left his razor out on the counter and I decided to give his a try, and I liked it a lot. Peter finally got fed up with having to fetch his razor from the shower that he got me my own. We’re officially a Harry’s family now and we wouldn’t go back. Also, we love their packaging. It’s really fun.

The Ramsing Morning Routine

Sometimes it’s fun to peek into the life of someone…it’s like opening up their junk drawer. …and boy was Peter and I’s first few years of morning routines tough! I really need my routine and Peter just needs time to get what he needs done. I didn’t have roommates for a reason after undergrad and Peter always had them. We struggled to get to a place where Peter felt like I wanted him around and I felt like Peter respected my need for routine. We’ve got it sorted now (most days) and it usually starts with Peter’s Garmin Watch buzzing to wake him up 30 minutes before me.

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