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Hilton Coliseum

I’ve been cheering for the Cyclones since I was in the womb. No joke, my parents took me to the historic game where Lafester Rhodes scored 54 points for a Cyclone victory against the in-state rival, University of Iowa. My parents are alums and proudly so am I.

The first game I remember is pictured below. I don’t remember who won that day and the smile on my face doesn’t accurately feel how I felt about my second trip to Hilton Coliseum. I remember covering my ears and screaming because the place was so loud that night. I couldn’t wait for that first game to be over, but then again I was three.

While I was in college I tried to make as many games as possible. Occasionally, a night class would take precedence over a game.

These days I try and sneak in a game whenever I’m home. The time of year I visit doesn’t always allow for a Cyclone game, but this past trip it did. Peter and I went with Dad for the Big 12 Opener against Texas Tech. The Cyclones were behind most of the game and I was beginning to think it’d be a really long drive home… Thankfully, with around 8:00 minutes to go they began to pull ahead and pulled off a victory, phew!

So what does one wear when they go to a basketball game? Well, school colors of course.

Most of my Iowa State gear from college is quite dated, so I opted for my favorite Cyclone hat, a warm monkey sweater, bootcut jeans, and my current favorite Nike shoes.

Now, to figure out when the next time I return to Hilton Coliseum will be…
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Fashion Iowa

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