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When Illness Changes Travel Plans

When Illness Changes Travel Plans on

Health isn’t something I write about often. I’d rather be strong and hide the pain I’ve been in and not write about it, but today I think it’s necessary to get a little vulnerable with you. But don’t expect this blog to turn into Allison’s illness chronicles, I’d rather celebrate this beautiful life God’s blessed us with rather than dwell on illness.

Today I was supposed to be driving to the airport to get on an airplane to fly to Italy for work. Needless to say I’m still home sick and not on an airplane due to reoccurring illness (I wrote this on Sunday while sitting on the deck, soaking in the sunshine and resting). This isn’t the only work trip that I’ve had to cancel in 2015 due to a kidney infection nor is it the only trip I’ve ever had to cancel due to illness.

When my doctor again advised me not to fly and go on this trip I cried. Yes, tears were shed over missing out on all of that incredible Italian food (especially gelato) that I’ve been craving since I left Italy last year and over not being able to attend the wonderful site visit my partners had planned. But letting my body rest and heal itself is so important to feeling better.

If illness changes your travel plans it’s okay for you to cry.

Sunday as I was sitting in church I was reminded that our pain, our problems, and even our illness is so small in perspective to Jesus. Our pain/illness is temporary even though these past couple months have felt like some of the longest of my life due to not feeling well. This pain/illness isn’t going to last forever, even though it’s felt like it at times over the last couple months. We all have problems, we all get sick, but there are moments where you need to put it all back into perspective again. God didn’t cause this illness and God didn’t give me this opportunity so He could laugh as it got yanked away. God is still good even through illness.


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