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Kleinfeld means beauty. While we were on the New York City Study Tour we had the opportunity to visit Kleinfeld Bridal. Many of you may know this store as the home of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress. It was one of my favorite shows (in addition to the Big Bang Theory) to watch while I was procrastinating writing papers during graduate school and even while I was writing all of those papers.

Kleinfield is the largest luxury bridal retailer in the world with over 70 years of expertise and is visited by an estimated 17,000 brides annually equating to over 100,000 visitors annually due to the visitors the bride brings with.

As we learned on our tour so much goes on behind the scenes of the showroom. For example: there is a state of the art Railex storage system that ensures error-free shipping and receiving and they have the largest custom sewing workroom in the tri-state area accommodating more than 90 seamstresses, beaders, pressers and fitters.

But more importantly, take a peek at all of the beautiful details on the dresses. Continue Reading


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