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Hike Oregon Tee


You’ve heard the famous saying “the mountains are calling and I must go”… but in my world, the real truth is that “the trails are screaming and I’ve gotta get there NOW before the rainy season sets in!”

One of my favorite things to do in Oregon is to explore the beauty of nature on the-most-gorgeous trails in the Pacific Northwest. Trail apparel must be comfortable, fashionable, and a personal expression of you! You can learn so much about someone simply by what tees they wear. As a lover of fashion, it’s always fun to observe what others are wearing when I’m hiking.

I designed this 1988AURELIA Hike Oregon Tee for the Run.Bike.Hike. series simply because I’m captivated by the beauty of this state that you can explore so many ways.

The Hike Oregon Tee comes in Asphalt, Baby Blue, Black, Lemon, and Grass for Men, Women, and Children on American Apparel Tees that are made and printed in the USA.

1988AURELIA: Celebrate your roots. Celebrate your community. Celebrate your home.

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