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Wedding Invite Tips

By October 22, 2014 #ramsingmarriage

Wedding Invite Tips

Creating wedding invitations can be a daunting task. How do you decide what type of paper you’d like to use? What design you’d like to have? What you’d like it to say? Let alone attempting to get all the correct details on the invite. It can be plain stressful if you don’t know what you’re in for. Especially when you realize after you’ve sent out your invites that you forgot to include the name of the venue and its address (yes, we did that). Today I’ll share a couple of tips to make your life easier in the wedding invitation creation process. Read More

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Why I Use Affiliates + A Bonus for Bloggers!

By October 18, 2014 General Posts

Why I Use Affiliates

It’s a win-win for everyone. You get to hear about my favorite brands/products and it is a great way for me to keep this space going. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link on my site I will receive a small commission on part of the sale. Please know that, I will only partner with brands I love. This blog currently partners with the following affiliates: Warby Parker, Amazon, Stella & Dot, Julep, Stitch Fix, Minted and Montage.


A Bonus for Bloggers!

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#ramsingmarriage – DIY Decor

By October 17, 2014 #ramsingmarriage

DIY Wedding Decor

Today, I’m excited to share the DIY wedding decor that I created with a couple of my lovely bridesmaids and friends for our big day! Thanks again to my decoration set up team who made the venue even more beautiful than I dreamed it could be and to those who helped me create all of these things: you’re the best!

It was a real joy dreaming up decor for the wedding that incorporated our love Peter and I’s favorite game, Scrabble. You’ll notice many Scrabble references and of course polka-dots as you look through these pictures. I hope they will leave you inspired to create something fun for your next event. Have a wonderful weekend! Read More

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My Story is Beautiful, Kelsey

By October 16, 2014 My Story is Beautiful


One of the most major adjustments I needed to make living in Silicon Valley was my wardrobe. We are basically 80 degrees year-round and this born-and-bred Midwestern gal needed to edit out many of the comfy sweaters and scarfs I dearly hung onto when we departed Iowa over two years ago. In fact, I just took out the ice scraper from my car because as many Midwesterners know, you just “never know when it might snow”!

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My Story is Beautiful, Shauna

By October 15, 2014 My Story is Beautiful


Are you a smoker or a non-smoker? Me too! My last cigarette was more than a fortnight ago, and aside from feeling bad ass for saying fortnight, I feel inspired. Quitting smoking has been the single most freeing experience I have ever had. It’s an experience I hope every smoker will embark on, and one I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, a non-smoking, hypothetical enemy, that is. Read More

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Pumpkin Patch Style

By October 14, 2014 Fashion


Oregonians have told me having this much sunshine in October is rare. Since rainy season begins today based on weather reports. We decided to capitalize on the last couple days of sunshine and went to the pumpkin patch with friends. Peter and I even picked out our first pumpkin together!

While it may have been nice outside enough to wear Birkenstocks for what might be one of the last times this season. Boots are sure easier to walk in as you meander a pumpkin patch. Skinny jeans fit perfectly inside your boots. Since fall is here it’s time to finally start wearing vests again, you can thank my husband for getting me hooked on those last season! Stella & Dot accessories perfectly complete the ensemble.

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Never Eat Alone Review

By October 13, 2014 Books


I was extremely excited to dive into the beautifully designed bright orange book, Never Eat Alone because of it’s cover. The cover design of this book is brilliant. As I have said many times before, I judge books by their covers… The cover design had me wishing that the book would get better as I read, but sadly it didn’t.  Read More

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#ramsingmarriage – Groomsmen

By October 10, 2014 #ramsingmarriage, Fashion

Groomsmen 2

Hi there, Peter here again. I suppose it was inevitable that when Allison posted about the bridesmaids that there would be a post about the men. Well, here we go.

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My Story is Beautiful, Adam

By October 9, 2014 My Story is Beautiful

I am so honored to have been asked by Allison to share my story. I have known Allison since I was a junior at the University of Kansas. She was working as a graduate assistant in the University Advising Center where I was a peer advisor and student assistant. I’m not quite sure how our friendship developed, but our hour-long chats in Allison’s cubicle became a cornerstone of my experience at KU.

I was very surprised to be asked to contribute to #MyStoryIsBeautiful. I’ve never considered myself a particularly stylish individual, opting for clothes that fit rather than for clothes that were necessarily fashionable. But as I considered what I would wear and what I would write about, I realized that my personal style has really evolved as I have moved into some vastly different stations of life.

100_1166 Read More

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Falling for the ‘Preppy Look’

By October 8, 2014 Fashion

Allison showing off a fall look.

Fall is my favorite time of year because school starts almost the same time fall begins each year. I love it when the students return to campus! For my first day of co-teaching I wore this preppy-look outfit that my husband picked out of my closet from already existing items. When my hubby came to pick me up from work we snapped these pictures quickly on campus to commemorate one of many successful outfits that he’s picked out for me.

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