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Love Iowa Tee


My favorite color has changed multiple times over the years, pink, purple, back to pink, silver, blue, gold, back to pink again, and since graduate school, it has been yellow.

When I met my husband I was wearing a yellow tee. When I began designing this Love Iowa tee I knew yellow had to be one of the color options because yellow is clearly a very special color.

Lemon is the exact shade if you’re curious and the Love Iowa tee also comes in Asphalt, Black, Cranberry, and Red.

Iowa is a very special place. It’s the state I was born in, graduated high school in, graduated college in and so much more. It is the state that I’ve spent the longest time in, 22 years to be exact. It’s the state where so many of those I love still live in. It’s the state that I’ll forever love and forever celebrate.

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