Date Night Style


Summer in Portland this year has been incredible. We keep waking up to a forecast of clouds and 70ish degrees (my favorite).

To capitalize on the incredible weather Peter and I decided to have a date night in downtown Portland at our favorite Starbucks.

Going on dates with my hubby are a really special time in the week. Because date night is important to me, of course, I wanted to look cute for my hubby.

Fashion Tip: To spice up your date night style put on a pair of your favorite heels, a bold lipstick, and your favorite accessories.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane


Peter and I made a quick trip to Corvallis this weekend. As we were leaving town I suggested we make one quick stop.

When we were dating and engaged Peter used to live by these swings. We’d walk there often and laugh, swing, and swing some more. Such fun memories.

Did you know that Peter and I shared our first kiss on the swings near my old apartment? Yep, I kissed him first!

I switched into this outfit to wear to church, lunch, and a bridal shower after a great workout at barre3 Corvallis. So, no this is not my typical park outfit.

Summer Bridal Shower Outfit Tips: A dark wash jean is great for when you know you’ll get goosebumps (it was chilly) if you try and wear a dress. A hat, bold earrings, and a joy-filled-smile cover up the sweaty workout hair. Pack deodorant (I forgot oops…) to put on after you workout when you know you won’t have access to a shower before an event. The top and wedges I found on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, best fashion deals of the year!

A trip down memory lane isn’t complete without a kiss at the park.

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You’re Never Too Old To Try Something New


What’s the item that you eye on other people thinking that you can’t pull it off? Bright colors, heels, hats, v-necks, dresses, stripes, floral, fill in the blank…

For me that item has been stylish hats.

I live in baseball hats on the weekend and have thought that my head was too big to keep the fun and fancy ones on. That black Nike women’s baseball hat is on the biggest hat setting.

I typically sport a men’s vintage Iowa State Cyclone one because that one fits my head the best and I don’t have to wear it on the loosest adjustment.

I’ve been eyeing fun, fancy hats on people walking down the street, in the airport, on blogs, on Instagram, etc. and wondering if I could truly pull one off.

Recently I opened my email and found out that I’d won this epic Banana Republic hat! Turns out Banana Republic makes women’s hats in two sizes. Mine is the larger size and it’s almost big for once in my life!

You’re never too old to boldly try something new, especially when it comes to trying a fun hat.

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Wild & Free Red Lip

wild& freered lip (1)

Reading Wild & Free reminded me that anyone can rock red lipstick. There’s a quote in the book that says…

Who was I to put on a bold red lipstick?

Who is telling you that you can’t? Fear? Yourself? Insecurity? Fill in the blank….

Kick the fears and insecurity to the curb and try something new because why can’t you rock a bold red lipstick? YOU can!

YOU are wild. YOU are free. YOU are beautiful. YOU can rock a bold lip color. And YOU can totally pull off red lipstick!


From a fashion standpoint, don’t pair red lipstick with a light pastel, especially pastel pink. Yes, I’ve tried it and yes, I looked washed out. Red lipstick is best paired with black or grey.


My four red lip favorites are: Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick, Disney’s Minne Beauty: Perfect Red LipstickNars Lip Pencil, and Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon.

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Disclaimer: I received Unashamed by Christine Caine c/o BookLook Bloggers


Guilt says: You’ve done something wrong. Shame says: You are bad. There’s a big difference between “you made a mistake” and “you are a mistake.” –Unashamed, Christine Caine

On my most recent flight to the Midwest to celebrate the Petric’s marriage I packed Unashamed by Christine Caine in my carry on. I made it through the entire book with the exception of finishing one chapter. When I returned home I finally had the chance to begin processing all of the wisdom I had read. Oh, and finally finish that last chapter. As I read and as I processed the topic of shame continued to weigh heavier and heavier on my heart.

Where was I carrying the most shame in my life? How could I truly live free from the shame I was feeling? Those were the questions I kept asking over and over again in my head like a broken record. Continue Reading


Rent the Runway Blue Dress Edition


I’m the type of person that loves having a new dress for all kinds of fun events in life: first day on a new job, an interview, wandering Target, Levi’s, Nordstrom, Dress Barn, Banana Republic and finding one I like on the rack, a wedding, etc. For the longest time, dresses were the only item of clothing I’d wear to work (dress pants just fit awkward).

When you begin to stick to a budget you realize getting a new dress for every life event isn’t the most feasible plan.

Rent the Runway is my favorite spot for dresses to wear to weddings without breaking the budget. Rentals range in price. I typically rent from the $30 category. I tried it for the first time in December for a wedding. Last weekend I tried it a second time to wear to a wedding rehearsal and for dinner afterwards. I can’t wait to try it again in July for another wedding.

How does it work?

Find a dress you like, rent the dress for a 4 or 8 day period of time, and send it back when the event is over. You can even have them send you two different sizes in case one doesn’t fit. It’s that simple!

Get $30 off of your first Rent the Runway order by clicking here.

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Ginger Pop Thai


Before Peter and I ventured to Thatcher’s Coffee (my new favorite coffee shop) we needed to grab a bite to eat.

Less than a block away is Ginger Pop Thai so we opted to try another new to us, restaurant.

We both ordered Chicken Pad Thai. Peter ordered his a little spicier than me. The Pad Thai was a little too sweet for both of our likings. Peter wondered what the sweetness was trying to hide. I, on the other hand, was too mesmerized with the tea cup chandelier (see below). I kept wondering how chalkboard art and a tea cup chandelier fit together and now I think they fit quite well.

Ginger Pop Thai gets 3.5 out of 5 ruby red slippers.

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One Mile At A Time


Running is a beautiful thing. To me, it’s beautiful because you can go outside and run a mile (like this run) or you can run more.

Training for a race is completed one mile at a time. In less than a month my hubby and I are running a 5K together.

Being that he’s been running pretty consistently and I haven’t been running hardly at all it’s time to lace up my shoes and get outside more often. So out we went for an after work run to get one mile in at a time.

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One Dress Two Ways


Today, I’m sharing how to style one dress two ways with you.

I’ve had the Levi’s Chambray Dress since January of 2014. This dress made the trek all the way to Florence, Italy in April of 2014. It’s one of my favorite dresses because I can continually refresh it with a different necklace, shoes, etc. (and I can get away with wearing running tights to work without anyone noticing when I’m wearing this dress).

The first look shown in this post is the way I most frequently wear this dress simply due to warmth and surviving rainy days. Funny enough when Peter and I went back outside for look two without the running tights it began to rain on us. I blink a lot when it begins to rain so it’s a miracle my eyes are open at all in those photos.

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Super Burrito Express


Peter and I are still on the quest to find the best Mexican Food in Portland, Oregon. Until we find our new “go-to” place we will continue to make date night an exploration of our new city.

On our most recent date night, we tried Super Burrito Express.

Both Peter and I ordered the Chicken Burrito (our typical go-to). We both found the burritos to be quite lackluster. The chicken and burrito shell were quite dry and the so-called avocado sauce seemed to be non-existant.

On a positive note, while they aren’t our all time favorite burritos. We really enjoyed each others company, the ambiance, and authenticity of the restaurant. Peter especially enjoyed the fact that Spanish TV was on in the background. I, on the other hand, was oblivious to the fact that a TV was on or even existed in the restaurant. Not to mention the price point was on-point.

Super Burrito Express gets 3 out of 5 ruby red slippers.

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