Allison Ramsing

Oregon Bridal Shower

By August 28, 2014 #ramsingmarriage


Living life in community with others is so very important to me. At my Oregon Bridal Shower friends that I have only known for two years or less came to celebrate Peter and I and our upcoming marriage. Not only is that humbling, it is a true blessing from God.

I moved to Oregon not knowing anyone. I prayed that God would provide the kinds of friendship and community that I had in Kansas. Not only has God provided, I no longer have graduate school restricting my time while I’ve lived in Oregon. Which has resulted in going deeper in community. These women and others not in attendance are women that I am so thankful for.

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When You’re Struggling With Feeling Beautiful

By August 27, 2014 Fashion

I think all women would be lying to themselves if they said they never struggle with feeling beautiful. (I know I would be) Some days, feeling beautiful is easy. I have on a great outfit, my hair is curling in just the right way and I feel secure in who God says I am. Other days I might still be wearing a killer outfit but I feel ugly. I’ll have every hair in place but feel hideous. Other times I’m simply believing the lies that I am not a daughter and that I’m not beautiful. Sometimes it’s a combination of an outfit I’m not feeling “great” in or my hair isn’t doing what I want or I’m fighting with being secure in God. Whatever the combination, I’m showing a bit of my vulnerable side here when I say that sometimes believing that I am beautiful and a daughter is a real struggle in my story.

The other evening I was having a particularly difficult time, even though I had on a great outfit and was having a terrific hair day (possibly the best I’ve ever had). There was still a way that the lies could creep in.

When You're Struggling With Feeling Beautiful

Peter and I had just finished a photoshoot for our friend Ann’s blog Schneider Life when he said that we could go and do another photoshoot for ourselves. Stoked, I agreed instantly because how often do I get to go on a photoshoot when my hair was looking this good?  Not only that I was feeling great on the inside as well. I knew I was the daughter of my King and that I was loved.

In our relationship Peter and myself have always struggled with communicating about expectations. I’m sure we’re the only couple who deals with that problem. Peter had a night photoshoot (or at least a very late evening) in mind the entire time because we had dinner with his parents before they were flying home. I figured that we’d have a photoshoot before the sun went down at the latest. As Peter and his dad ran some errands and I hung back with his mom and Hilary the sun set…and I had fallen from my security…

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Iowa Bridal Shower

By August 26, 2014 #ramsingmarriage

Earlier this summer I flew to Iowa for my bridal shower. You’ll read in a few days about some of my favorite things to do in Iowa but as a bit of a teaser: I love spending time with friends and family. What an amazing honor to be given such a beautiful bridal shower. It took me a while to sift through all the photos of the past few months but I think it’s finally time to share some of the magic from my Iowa Bridal Shower.

Growing up, whenever it was our birthday mom would always place presents on the table at our spot so that we could open them at breakfast. She’s a sneaky one and always managed to get them there before we’d come downstairs for the morning. On the morning of my bridal shower I woke up and came downstairs for breakfast and she’d placed a present at the table for me. Mom knows that I love gifts and always manages to surprise me, this one I definitely wasn’t expecting.

The details and some photos from Allison's Iowa Bridal Shower.

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A “Kitchen Confidence” Breakfast

By August 25, 2014 Books

Peter messaged me while I was at work last week that there was a package for me (always a welcome message for a girl who loves to shop online). I told him to open it. “Cookbook” was his reply. Sometimes it’s only too obvious that he’s busy at home. Peter started working from home when we got married and I’m still getting used to it. Knowing it was Kitchen Confidence, by Kelsey Nixon, it definitely made my day. When I got home both Peter and I said the same thing when I picked it up for the first time.

“Flippin’ awesome texture.”

No really, the cover has a sweet design with the negative space around the title having a micro-felt-ish texture. In no way can you judge a book by its cover but this was certainly a good start.

So, Saturday morning was a perfect day to test out some dishes. With Peter going on an overnight camping trip later that day it was also a great way to send him off well fed.

Allison dives into another book, this time with delicious results.

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Featured On: SchneiderLife

By August 22, 2014 Fashion

While I was in New York City Peter met the genius behind SchneiderLife and her and her husband have quickly become friends of ours. Today I’m featured on her blog SchneiderLife for my favorite thing. I was challenged to style my favorite thing three different ways. Check out her blog for the revealing of which item I’ve styled three different ways!

schneider life

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Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Gifts

By August 22, 2014 #ramsingmarriage

Today, I’ll be revealing what Peter and I gave our bridesmaids and groomsmen for gifts. Gift giving is one of my favorite things to do. I love personalizing a gift towards what people have said they like in previous conversations. Hence, why the bridesmaids all received different colors of Julep nailpolish that I thought fit their style and not just the same color.

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7 Ways to Deal with Wedding Stress

By August 21, 2014 #ramsingmarriage

In the middle of a run 14 days before the #ramsingmarriage I knew this post needed to be written. On that run I felt far from qualified to write this post. We had just gotten news that Peter’s friend who was going to help with video had a last minute dream-job interview get scheduled on our wedding and couldn’t make the wedding. I was stressed out. Planning a marriage can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.


As the big-day inched closer and closer I began to think of ways to deal with the stress. Today I’ll share seven ways to deal with wedding stress.

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Stitch Fix – Rehearsal Dress

By August 20, 2014 #ramsingmarriage, Fashion

When it came to picking out a dress to wear to the #ramsingmarriage rehearsal Stitch Fix was the first place I went. This post serves as both a bit of fashionista and me getting to share our rehearsal…somehow it still feels like a dream.

An amazing dress to fit the perfect occasion for our wedding rehearsal.

I scheduled a fix to arrive in late May which would leave me plenty of time to find a dress if it didn’t work out. Stitch Fix showed up and right when I opened the box I knew it was perfect. My entire box was dresses which was exactly what I had requested. My stylist even saw this pin on my [fashion] Pinterest board and wrote me a special note congratulating me on my marriage. The small-town Iowa girl in me is hooked on their level of detail.

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Why Do Alterations On Your Wedding Dress?

By August 19, 2014 #ramsingmarriage, Fashion

So, you’ve found “the dress.” Sometimes you get extremely lucky and don’t need to do alterations on your dress. For those of you who don’t get so lucky. Why should you do alterations on your wedding dress? Today, I’ll share two main reasons why.

photo (4)

1. Fit.

I’ve seen my fair share of strapless dresses that just keep getting tugged upward so they don’t fall down. I’ve even been that person before. Your wedding day is not the day that you want to keep tugging on your dress to make sure it stays up. The fit of your dress is extremely important so that you can be comfortable in it. Having your dress altered can ensure that your dress will fit more snugly against your body shape.

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Three Reasons Why To Practice Your Wedding Hairstyle

By August 18, 2014 #ramsingmarriage



If you’re anything like me the decision to wear your hair up or down for your wedding day is a tough one. I wore my hair down to my first fitting so I could get a feel of what that would somewhat look like. I wasn’t a big fan of it down, but after going to my second fitting I just couldn’t decide. Which just seems silly that I couldn’t decide, but planning a marriage can be stressful and deciding which way to wear your hair is somewhat of a big decision.

One of my friends came with to my second fitting (highly recommend if your family lives in a different state). As we drove home some of our discussion was me asking her for advice how to wear my hair and her trying to help me decide. Thankfully she is amazing at hair and was kind enough to offer up her time to help me practice a hairstyle I’d found on Pinterest to see if I’d like it. Not only did I like it I loved it.

So why practice your wedding hairstyle?

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