Woody’s Tacos


There’s something refreshing about having dinner with a friend. The ability to be real. To tell each other how you’re really doing. To both pull out your phones and take pictures of your food and then to enjoy the conversation so much that you forget to take one together. To be adventurous and try a new restaurant, Woody’s Taco’s (Vancouver, Washington). To laugh at the fact that she’d successfully found the place and myself, on the other hand, was standing within 500 feet trying to figure out where Siri was telling me to go. To awkwardly walk in together and not be sure where to order or whether or not to wait to be seated or not.

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Thank You + M&M’s® Cookie Recipe

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Troops and veterans are the bold, the brave, the incredible – America’s heroes. My 88-year-old grandfather or as my brother and I call him “papa” is a veteran. He served in the military at Fort Bliss, Fort Sheridan, and the Sioux City Air National Guard. He’s assisted with Memorial Day services in his hometown for years. His service to this country is admirable. A couple years ago he was even invited to go on a military honor flight to Washington D.C. To say that I am incredibly proud to be his granddaughter is an understatement.

 Whenever I eat M&M’s® I often think of my papa. Growing up nana and papa’s house almost always had a bowl of seasonal M&M’s® out on the counter.

MARS Wrigley is showing appreciation for our troops by donating M&M’s® to the troops for every bag purchased exclusively at Walmart as part of the 1 For You, 1 For the Troops campaign. Check with your local Walmart for instore 1 For You, 1 For the Troops events. Fun fact: M&M’s® were originally created for the troops.

In today’s post, I’ll share our family’s M&M’s® cookie recipe. Because I miss my papa (I live 2,000 miles away), of course, there also has to be a bowl M&M’s® Red, White, & Blue Peanut on the counter to snack on while baking and after enjoying the cookies.

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A Greater Story


Photos in this post were taken by Mckenna Holly.

There is always a greater story to what “the perfect” images portray. It was t-minus two days before we moved to Portland from our cozy little town of Corvallis. Emotions were high. Tensions were flared. Tears were abounding. …and we had a photoshoot to get to. I was a mess of anger and frustration as Peter seemed calm about the whole thing. Even as we’re walking towards where we were supposed to meet Mckenna I was telling Peter “just drop it” (he’s not one to just let an argument go if it’s not resolved). When we walk up to say hi I was also reminded that Peter’s pretty honest about life and after the introductions came right out and said: “and we’re currently in the middle of a fight; just FYI”. She laughs, and I finally let the emotions win and I cry. After a moment to collect myself, we smiled for the camera, kissed for the camera, hugged for the camera, forgot about our fight, laughed and had a great time the rest of the evening.

We were advised at our wedding that a key to a healthy marriage is “to fight naked”. Sometimes you just need to stop what you’re doing and make out. The fight is typically not about anything but simply a misunderstanding. Sometimes there are things to discuss, resolve, talk out. But sometimes you just need to smile, laugh, kiss and forget about it.

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Peter couldn’t wait to take me to one of his new favorite pizza places in Portland, Pieology! He suggested that we get takeout so that we could spend the evening eating pizza and watching one of our favorite movies, The Intern. 

For $7.95 we got to put as many toppings as we wanted on our pizzas. Mine is the first pic and Peter’s is the second. I’m clearly a Midwest girl still at the heart as I can’t get enough of meat-lover style pizzas even years later.

Next time, I’m looking forward to eating in the restaurant. I was enthralled by all of the wonderful quotes on the walls of the restaurant and can’t wait to continue reading the wisdom on the walls.

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Looking for Lovely

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Annie F. Downs latest books have been my reading companion on two different adventures. I just finished Looking for Lovely on my trip to Chicago recently to celebrate my dear friend, Katie. I read Let’s All Be Brave in 2014 as I returned to Iowa for an adventure with my hubby.  I cannot say enough good things about her books.

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Embracing Wedges


When I decide that I’m not going to try something fashion related, I’m pretty stubborn to go back on that decision. Wedges or TOMS were always the fashion item I swore I’d never own. Never, say never friends.

I’d see them on other people and think to myself those are cute, but could never see myself wearing them. I never thought they’d fit my style. That is until I tried on a pair of TOMS wedges. What a cozy dream. And how fun to be taller! How cool it was to let go of something that had no grounding in anything other than perception.

I’m realizing that anyone can wear anything if you wear it confidently. Embrace being a couple inches taller. Go out of your comfort zone. If you’re feeling real wild and free try wedges.

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What’s In My Bag? Let’s Travel!

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The thought of carefully packing a couple days in a carry on is an exhilarating challenge.

The process of packing a brand new book to read as I fly, a couple magazines to catch up on that I’ve specifically saved to read on a plane, picking which snacks I want to pack in my purse, and what kind of gum will go in my purse are all part of what makes the flying experience wonderful.

Not to mention the best part of flying is that once I arrive in my destination I’m able to spend time with fantastic friends and/or family depending on the adventure. There is true beauty in flying.

Today, I’ll be sharing what I put into my bag when I fly and why chewing Extra® Gum makes a flight such a more enjoyable process.

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Sabor Mexicano


When Peter and I lived in Corvallis Burrito Heaven was our favorite place to get takeout chicken burritos from. We literally had burritos one to three times a week (yes, it’s that good!).

Now that we’re living in the Portland area we’re (okay, maybe it’s just my secret mission) on the quest to find a new favorite place to eat Mexican food.

I was recommended Sabor Mexicano in Vancouver as a great place to go get tasty burritos. Peter and I tried the Chicken Burritos. They were tasty and putting the green sauce on them is a must!

I may be on this hunt for awhile if I continue to compare everything to Burrito Heaven…. So what’s your favorite burrito place in the Portland area?

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I Will Follow

Disclaimer: I received I Will Follow by Jeremy Camp c/o Capital CMG Marketing


When I hear a song I like on the radio I will often ask Siri “What song is this?” Jeremy Camp’s Christ In Me is one of those songs. The lyrics hit me like a ton of bricks.

Peter and I were about to move to Portland and the fear was running deep. It was like God was directly speaking to me through the lyrics.

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Graduation Shoe Tips


Graduation season is among us. Being that I’ve been through commencement twice myself and work at a University I’ve seen many graduates in comfortable shoes walking joyfully and I’ve seen many hobbling around with grimacing looks on their face simply because of a shoe choice.

There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable on your big day. So thanks to the encouragement of one of my fabulous new coworkers I bring you my tips on graduation shoes.

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