An Adventure on the MAX


Anytime we need to go into downtown we’ve found it way easier to take advantage of public transit. When Peter and I moved to Portland we sold Dorothy and became a one car family! Having two cars was no longer necessary and would have been more of a pain than it’s worth.

As we venture into downtown it sure helps that riding the MAX is such a stress-free process. We simply walk a bit and get on at the nearest station and get off once we’ve reached our destination. We no longer have to deal with the hassle of finding or paying for parking. Added bonus: It’s a joy to get to have a wonderful walk and be able to enjoy the scenery as we ride.

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Transitioning a Dress Through the Seasons


One of the best things about a dress is that they can be worn during every season of the year.

To transition a dress from season to season you need a couple of essentials, tights and a cardigan.

When I’m transitioning a dress into spring I will wear a light cardigan and tights (these happen to be fleece leggings… so cozy!) with the dress. As the temperature gets warmer throughout the day I’ll rock the dress without the cardigan. To transition the dress to summer I’ll wear more season appropriate shoes (flats or heels) and go without the fleece tights.


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Thai Noon


The hustle, the bustle, the food, the city, the street art… did I mention, the food. The longer Peter and I live in Portland the more we’re loving it. I’m especially loving trying all of the cuisine and venturing to new places. In fact, I’m craving adventure these days, thriving on it even.

Our Friday night date night was spent avoiding the traffic on I-5 and venturing to Alberta Street to eat at Thai Noon. We had the Crab Wontons and split the Mossamun Curry (yum!). For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mossamun Curry it has coconut milk, peanuts, carrots, potatoes, and your choice of meat or veggies, we opted for chicken. Not exactly cuisine that I grew up on in rural Iowa, let alone even able to find anywhere in the area which makes it all the more tasty!

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April 25th is an incredible day. It’s my birthday. It’s also the birthday of so many other incredible people that I know: Anna, Austin, Jan, Sandy, Savannah, Danielle, Monique, Dottie, Joanne, and Helen. That’s just the people that I know personally. By the way, Happy Birthday to my fabulous birthday buddies!

But, April 25th is not about me.

Yes, you might have one special day that’s yours every single year, but think of all of the wonderful people that you get to share it with. Think of all of the wonderful people who celebrate you. Think about your wonderful parents who gave you a wonderful childhood. Think about this wonderful life you’ve been given by God.

Love those around you. Knock off the selfishness because your birthday is not all about you. It’s about loving God and loving others. So, love them. Love them fiercely. Because the people that we’ve been blessed with enough to have in our lives are incredible.

Make the most out of the day and the year that you’ve been given. It’s a gift.

Today I turn 28 and I want to make the most out of this year that I’ve been given. One way that I love to make the most out of things is by making goals. So on that note, I made a few goals for the year. If you want to join me in accomplishing any of them let’s chat!

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Style Tips For a Walk Around Portland

Style Tips For A Walk Around Portland

Saturday morning Peter and I rode the MAX (my first MAX adventure) into the Pearl District. We were meeting his dad around noon at the Amtrak station and we had extra time decided to go on a walk before we met him. Peter saw this spot and decided that we were going to have a quick, fun photo adventure.

When you’re going for a walk around Portland: wear what you’re comfortable in. You’re going to see all sorts of styles. Don’t worry about trying to impress others. Don’t worry about what brands you’re wearing. Be yourself and wear what you’re comfortable in.

If you’re comfortable in high heels wear heels. If you’re comfortable in your sneakers wear your sneakers. If you’re comfortable in flats wear flats. I really love walking around in Birkenstocks when it’s not raining because I love the epic arch support.

You be you and embrace your own personal style.

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Disclaimer: I received Wellth c/o Blogging for Books.


Eat. Move. Work. Believe. Explore. Breathe. Connect. Love. Heal. Thank. Ground. Live. Laugh.

These topics are the focus of Wellth by Jason Wachob. The author challenges the American Dream concept of building wealth and encourages the reader to build wellth. “Wellth: a new and more valuable life currency: a life exemplified by abundance, happiness, purpose, health, and joy.”

Winning in wellth is not measured by any scorecard, and success does not particularly look like anything or anyone. Wellth is a state of being that is indescribable, malleable, and constantly changing with you. You can only you define it. Your version of wellth will be 100 percent unique to you, and you’ll 100 percent know what it looks and feels like.

Wellth is not comparing yourself to others.

Wellth is experimenting and finding what works best for you.

Wellth is a beautiful process of discovery that never ends.

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The Grilled Cheese Grill


When you move to Portland finally eating at your first food cart is a must. The weather was incredible on Friday night so off we went exploring with our dear friend Raquel for our first food cart experience at The Grilled Cheese Grill.

So come by for a taste of your childhood. Unless your childhood sucked, and then we’ll let ya have a taste of ours. –The Grilled Cheese Grill

I’ve always thought that grilled cheese sandwiches taste better when someone else makes them. Peter had the Grilled Cheesus, Raquel the Hunter, and I had the Kindergartner with Grilled Mushrooms and Onions. They were delicious!

The Grilled Cheese Grill is conveniently just a short drive or a walk away from Salt and Straw to finish the meal off with ice cream.

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God’s Perfect Plans


As a planner I love to create beautiful “perfect plans.” Over the last couple of years I’ve been learning how much better God’s plans are than my own.

A portion of today’s blog post I shared with a wonderful group of women at the Grace City women’s retreat on April 26, 2015. I wasn’t sure if the story would ever reach the blog, but I feel like I’m not the only one struggling with perfecting my own perfect plan and learning to trust God’s perfect plan and that it’s time to share this story. I’ve also added a bit to the story because God has continued to unfold a beautiful story over the last year (Note: The italics are what I shared and the non-italics are what God has done since).

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A Chowder Bowl Celebration


I’m starting to realize that we’ve got a theme going… Every big life event for the Ramsing’s includes a trip to the Chowder Bowl in Newport, Oregon.

While I was still a Todd at the time my first visit to the Chowder Bowl was in 2012. My mom and I had just flown in the day before to go apartment hunting and we were itching to see the ocean. She couldn’t wait to have some clam chowder and I was just excited for some fish and chips. Being that we hadn’t been to Oregon before we weren’t sure where to go for good seafood. I had just accepted my previous job at Oregon State University and signed a lease on an apartment. We asked the amazing office staff at the Creekside apartment complex where to go and they all said don’t go to Mo’s go to the Chowder Bowl so off we went. Four years later I still go the Chowder Bowl every trip to the coast and order the same meal almost every time.

Little did I know on that day in 2012 my now-husband and his family had been going to the Chowder Bowl since they were kids. On one of Peter and I’s first few dates the fact that my mom and I had been to the Chowder Bowl came up. He was quite smitten with our epic choice. Over the course of our dating, engagement, and marriage we have spent many lunches and dinners celebrating life together at the Chowder Bowl. We even made sure that the Chowder Bowl was a destination on after we took our engagement photos and on our honeymoon.

Most recently the Chowder Bowl was a celebration destination to celebrate our marriage on our mini-getaway and a celebration of a job offer for Allison at Washington State University Vancouver!

We can’t wait to celebrate many more memories there together over the years.

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A Farewell


Last Friday, the 8th of April 2016, I was honored to say farewell to the great Oregon State University. Every year I have the privilege to say goodbye to the most amazing students but this time, it is the other way around.

You’ll learn more about the motivation for the move in coming posts on the blog so stay tuned. Until then I wanted to type a few words to say farewell, but one post can’t encompass all of the incredible memories made at OSU. So this post is a hodge-podge of many conversations and emotional crying moments that my husband arranged into this post. He’s got such elegant words. (*wink wink*)

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