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I might not live in Aurelia, Iowa anymore, but for me…Aurelia will always be a place I call home.

Aurelia might be a small town, but that’s not what it represents to me.

For me, it represents those people in my life who inspired me to be who I am. Without “Aurelia” in my life, there would be no girl who grabbed her favorite pair of shoes and headed to Oregon to capture the dream to inspire students…just as I was inspired.

What’s your Aurelia? Who are those in your life that helped inspire you?

I introduce you to Alyssa, a friend of mine for life. She was my youth-group leader and is a steadfast friend. She called me into a greater version of myself always pointing me to the true inspiration, our God.

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A Morning with The Ramsings – Inspired By Harry’s

A word about Harry’s

When Harry’s started, my early-adopter hubby jumped on board and got a razor from them. He’s been using it with the Harry’s blades ever since. Before Harry’s I was using whatever razor was on sale at Target that week. One morning, Peter left his razor out on the counter and I decided to give his a try, and I liked it a lot. Peter finally got fed up with having to fetch his razor from the shower that he got me my own. We’re officially a Harry’s family now and we wouldn’t go back. Also, we love their packaging. It’s really fun.

The Ramsing Morning Routine

Sometimes it’s fun to peek into the life of someone…it’s like opening up their junk drawer. …and boy was Peter and I’s first few years of morning routines tough! I really need my routine and Peter just needs time to get what he needs done. I didn’t have roommates for a reason after undergrad and Peter always had them. We struggled to get to a place where Peter felt like I wanted him around and I felt like Peter respected my need for routine. We’ve got it sorted now (most days) and it usually starts with Peter’s Garmin Watch buzzing to wake him up 30 minutes before me.

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Fashion Iowa

Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor

A trip to Iowa isn’t complete without a visit to the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor. One of my favorite class field trips was to visit the old Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor. I remember learning the history of the company, and most importantly enjoying my favorite ice cream at the time, Bubble Gum on that first visit.

On my most recent trip, I tried the Christmas Crunch Sundae. There’s a bit of Christmas cheer in every bite!

As for fashion in the heart of an Iowa winter, bring lots of layers, as you never know how warm or cold it’s going to be. I spent the majority of my trip in turtlenecks, vests, skinny jeans, and brown riding boots.

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Spending Time With Mom, Ames Tee

My mom has been an inspiration to me since I was a kid. Her craft business taught me that I too could do something, make something, be proud of my craft, and hone my skills. While I might not be going to craft shows as my mom, she reminds me to do things unique to me. My company, 1988AURELIA, is that–being inspired by my mom and carving my own way. A project doesn’t go by that I don’t have my mom’s craft wisdom ringing in my ears. She’s my constant mentor and encourager. She’s there for me when I have a flop and she’s high-fiving me when I make a hit. I love how we work together.

Ames is a very special place in our family. My parents met in Ames and graduated from college there. I followed in their footsteps years later as I crossed the stage in Stephens Auditorium. As a family we’ve made more memories than I can count in Ames. From trips in the car to Ames for basketball and football games as a kid to the present where we still try to make one whenever we’re home for a visit. Celebrate your love of Ames.

1988AURELIA: Celebrate your roots. Celebrate your community. Celebrate your home.





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Best of 2016

They say when you get older time goes faster… 2016 where did you go? But it’s not about 2016 as much as being excited for the good times to come.

Last year was a time of growth, moving, living, learning, loving, losing, breaking, building, and so much more. As I sit and type this in my childhood home I can’t help but think of the times past and the memories of years gone by. I’d be a liar if I said that I wouldn’t go back and do things differently in some areas of my life but I’d be a fool to not be excited about each day that I have to come knowing that the lessons learned will make tomorrow a better version of today.

The start of 2017 finds me in an entirely different place than at the start of 2016. The notable changes of 2016 were, Corvallis to Portland (new city), OSU to WSUV (new job), two cars to one, a new church, a new place to workout, making new friends, and more. It’s been an incredibly hard journey but one that I’m thankful for. In the New Year, I’m so excited to continue to grow as a wife, a daughter, a friend, and servant, a co-worker, a teacher, an advisor, and as a person. I challenge you to not only look back fondly on the year past but to be excited about the year to come and all the adventures you’ll find within it. What will you embrace? Whom will you love more? What will you say yes to? …say no to? Who will you be this time next year? Be excited. By joyful. Be purposeful.

Happy New Year,

  – Allison

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Hello, Winter Style!

Outfit Details: Hat | Scarf | Turtleneck | Jeans | Lipstick | Boots

Every time snow is in the weather report I turn into a little kid. It brings me back to the days where we had an incredible snow mountain to play on in our yard, the days where I took the sleds down the hill at Nana and Papas, or riding on the tractor with Dad as he scooped out the driveway so would could actually get out our driveway and go places again. The excitement and anticipation of the first winter snow is always a monumental moment.

A few weeks ago we had our first snowfall complete with freezing rain in Portland. The amount of snow to an Iowan was definitely lacking but the freezing rain was no joke.

While the freezing rain was doing its thing Peter and I went outside to take some pictures. Yes, there’s rain on my glasses and yes, it was so fun to be out in the elements even though my poor hubby was freezing…and yes, so was I.

Let’s talk fashion: I had every intention of going to work on the day we took these photos. I’d already picked out my outfit for work when Peter asked me if I’d looked at the weather. I clearly hadn’t. The temperatures were still in the freezing range with ice all over so I opted to stay home and safe for the day. Because I was excited about my work outfit I wore it anyways and added a stocking hat to the look for warmth.

Wear what you’re excited about. Be confident and rock it.

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Travel in Style

Every time I see a plane flying in the sky I get excited to travel somewhere. This next adventure just happens to be to go see my family. It’s been a year-and-a-half since I last saw my grandparents so to say I’m excited for this trip is an understatement.

When I’m home the last thing I want to think about is what I’m going to wear each day. So this year I’ve pre-planned outfits for my trip. Planning ahead makes the packing process a breeze and then you have more time to focus on spending time with those you love.

I’ll be fitting nine-days worth of outfits into a carryon. My mom always asks me to share my secret of how I fit everything into a carry-on. But really, it’s a lot of layering, mixing and matching, and rolling my clothes. I don’t wear the same outfit twice while traveling, but I will be wearing my vest often to stay warm.

For my inflight outfit, I’ve decided to fly in the warmest fleece leggings, a scarf, sweater dress, vest, and riding boots. Don’t worry my winter coat is coming too! Being that we’ll be arriving right in time for church, flying in style is perfect so I don’t have to stress about finding time to change.

Make this your own for a flight by wearing a comfortable, yet dressy outfit.

Have yourself a merry little flight while you travel in style.

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Fashion Read

The Curated Closet

Disclaimer: I received The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees c/o Blogging for Books.


Is your closet jam-packed and yet you have nothing to wear? Can you describe your personal style in one sentence? If someone grabbed a random piece from your closet right now, how likely is it that it would be something you love and wear regularly? –The Curated Closet

As an Apparel Merchandising, Design, and Production alumnae I love learning more about fashion. It’s common that you’ll find me spending my free time reading fashion blogs and books, refining my own personal style, designing apparel for 1988AURELIA, and developing content for this blog.

The Curated Closet got me thinking in a way that no book has since I was in undergrad. The book’s main topics are about shopping smarter and more selectively, curating a closet of fewer, better pieces, assessing garment fit and fabrics, color palettes, and more.

Buy less, choose well, and make it last. –Vivienne Westwood as quoted in The Curated Closet

The biggest thing it had me thinking about was a topic I already love, the quality of a garment. When it comes to adding new things to your wardrobe the quality of the piece is so important. It’s not about adding lots of low-quality items that you’ll need to replace next season. It’s not about purchasing something just because it’s on-trend. It’s about adding pieces you love that will last from season to season. It’s about quality over quantity. Don’t just add an item to your wardrobe because it’s on sale. Ask yourself would you add the item to your wardrobe if it was full price? If you wouldn’t, find an item that you truly love. I will add, I buy the majority of my wardrobe on great sales, but it’s typically items I’ve been following for awhile until they go on sale.

If you are on a tight budget, that’s all the more reason to use your money well and not spread it across lots of imperfect things. Make it your mission to always find a great-quality version for each item on your shopping list. Now, that does not mean that everything you buy needs to be expensive. –The Curated Closet

Another topic that really made me think in the book was, refining your wardrobe color palette. The older I get the more I realize that the colors I love in my wardrobe are black, white, grey, dark wash denim, shades of red, royal blue, and a few shades of green, and adding a great pop of color with a fun accessory. The bold colors of my younger years, especially pink, purple, and orange just really aren’t my thing anymore and that’s okay. Learning what colors you love makes building and maintaining your wardrobe a way simpler process.

Whether you like to dress in all colors of the rainbow, prefer a chic monochrome look, or favor something in between, your color likes and dislikes are one of the most important components of your personal style. –The Curated Closet

This book receives five out of five ruby red slippers.
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Bundle Up & Be Well with Honeywell Humidifier


It’s that time of year when cozying up with tea, loved ones, a fireplace, a movie to snuggle with, and of course sniffles and chap stick…oh the dry air! This last week was no exception for me and even my hubby (who never gets sick!). We’ve gone through so much tea and tissues and with the cold weather we’ve had our fireplace on a lot (sometimes gas is more convenient 😊). Now I know I was sent a Honeywell Humidifier just by chance this week…but it was perfect timing to share this product because even though the fire is just a gas fire it dries out our living room and I can feel it in my nose. So thank you Influenster and Honeywell! Oh…but what about staying cozy once you’ve got the dry air situation fixed? Well, my mom saved the day this year and sent me a new sweater from Patagonia just in time for the cold weather to hit us here in Portland.
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Couples Fall Casual Wear


A few of my favorite things about fall are boots, cozy sweaters, turning on the fireplace, getting out the warm blankets, and burning a cinnamon scented candle to set the ambiance.

These outfits are perfect for a Saturday of catching up on our favorite Hulu shows and snuggling on the couch and leaving the house simply to get takeout.

Want to re-wear on other days of the week? They also re-purpose well for Friday work attire and church on Sunday.

 Her Outfit Details
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