Bold In Blush

Bold In Blush - Stella & Dot Olive Eyelet Knit Tee -

Bold In Blush

Do you have an outfit where you feel sassy, like yourself, bold, and beautiful? This is one of those outfits for me.

When I put on my Hudson Natalie Skinny Jeans I feel fierce. These jeans fit incredibly and are mid-rise skinny jeans. Which means every time you sit down you don’t have to worry like you do with a low-rise pair of pants. Finding a pair of jeans that fit you well is well worth an investment in a good pair of pants.

Blush is my color. It doesn’t wash me out and I feel gorgeous in it. I never thought I’d wear the color “pink” again, let alone “blush”. I loved pink as a kid and really haven’t worn much of it since. Blush is on trend and has been for quite a few years. I’m a bit late to the trend, and in May I purchased a blush tee. I’m not sure if I’ll purchase any more blush in the near future, because I really have to love an item to add it to my closet, but we’ll see. This tee though, I cannot say enough good things about it and I cannot thank my friend Kim enough for encouraging me to try it.

A pair of comfortable nude booties is a must have in one’s wardrobe. I wear my BP Booties all the time to work and on the weekends. I love that they give me added height and that I feel invincible in them.

I complete every outfit by adding accessories. For this outfit, I paired pearl studs, a long necklace, and an Apple Watch. Pearl studs make me feel classy, a long necklace makes me feel fun, and my Apple Watch reminds me that I am strong and powerful. Strong and powerful because the day before we did this photoshoot Peter and I ran five miles together, my first time running five miles. I’m excited to keep making exercise a part of my daily routines.

What is your outfit saying to you?

Style Tip: Try wearing a color you haven’t worn in years this summer.

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