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Rise Up – to the perception of depression

Rise Up Mural in Portland, Oregon on NE Schuyler and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Location: NE Schuyler and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Outfit Details: Dress | Leggings | Boots (similar) | Scarf (similar) | Lipsense in Bombshell

Peter and I have been driving by this Rise Up mural for months and every time we pass it I can’t stop admiring this artist’s work. This mural inspires greatness. The color, the shapes, the message. I love it!

What does it mean to me to “rise up”?

To me, to rise up means to show up. To love others. To be present. Giving your best. Be brave. …no matter what peril or hurdle is in your way.

I’ve been hiding behind the publish post button for awhile on this blog post. Would I ever feel ready to share how I’ve been? What would others think if they found out what I’ve been dealing with? Would I ever feel ready to be real and let others in to the hell of emotions I’ve been feeling? Don’t worry, I’ve let others in, but that’s only a few people that I’m close to.

People love to post all of the “pretty stuff” on the internet, myself included. It’s time that we are real with each other. So, today I’m pressing go and opening up a bit.

Did you know on average 1 in 6 deal with depression? But yet, it’s never talked about.

We all have our own behind the scenes. Some people have life-threatening struggles. Others have emotional or physical struggles. For me, moving to Portland has been quite the adjustment. Through this process, I have shamed myself into thinking that my issues were foolish, selfish, all in my head. I understand that my struggles are not comparable to dying of cancer or starvation.

I understand that I’m extremely blessed and that everything that I call mine is most certainly God’s and I am just a steward of it for the time being. That doesn’t mean that the emotions that were involved with uprooting my husband and I’s life were not a struggle, though. We pulled up our stakes in Corvallis and jumped on board for an adventure that was sure to be riddled with everything from spiritual attacks, physical attacks (surgery + illness), and emotional attacks. We moved to be a part of a church plant here in Portland and as with anything that is purposing to bring forth God’s Kingdom in a bigger way–adversity is bound to be present.

So why this back story that many of you have possibly already read?

  1. My “online” life might consist of fun pictures, but some days are hell: you are not alone if you also have days where the last thing you want to do is smile.
  2. Stepping out in faith will hurt. We’re called to live like Jesus–and when was his life easy?
  3. We are all able to rise up.

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Fashion Portland

Everyday Portland Style

Allison's Everyday Portland Style standing near colorful wall on Alberta Street in Portland, Oregon

Location: 29th Avenue and Alberta Street

I’ve fallen in love with this city, this place we call home, especially everyday Portland style. On any given drive the art I see on the walls captivates my creativity. It inspires me to add a little spice of color to my life, especially in the form of red lipstick.

While I love color, the longer I live in Oregon the more I fall in love with neutrals. It’s perfect because everyday Portland style is full of neutrals.

I love how neutrals can be mixed and matched. Accessories can transform a neutral colored outfit into a totally different look.

When I’m not in dresses or skirts for work or leggings for a workout, I’m typically in a look similar to this.

Allison’s Everyday Portland style consists of:

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What’s your favorite everyday outfit?

Mad Tea Party

The Ramsing's love the Mad Tea Party ride at Disneyland!

Ah, I can still feel the joy radiating from our spin on the Mad Tea Party. If I had to pick a favorite ride at Disneyland or Disney World it would definitely be the Mad Tea Party. The teacups, the laughter, the color, the sounds, the spinning oh so fast, I just can’t get enough of the ride, it’s so, much fun!

The rain sure made for incredibly short lines at Disneyland. Sadly, my favorite ride was temporarily closed due to weather because of the rain (yes, there is photo proof below of how sad I was). Don’t worry, I perked right up when we went on It’s a Small World after finding out the ride was temporarily closed.

Later in the day, we went back to Fantasyland to ride Dumbo and Peter realized that the Mad Tea Party was back open. Peter was totally the hero of the day for noticing that it was back open. I’d given up hope that it’d re-open since it was also closed for weather the day before we went to the park. Being that it was back open we had to maximize our time left in the day, so of course, I convinced Peter to go on the ride with me three times in a row. Oh, the fun we had!

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The Ramsing's trip to Disneyland!

I’ve been dreaming of the day I’d visit Disneyland for years. When I moved to the West Coast I knew I was one step closer to making my first visit a reality. Peter had already had his first visit when he was a wee, little one. About five months ago we booked our trip and decided to finally make the dream a reality.

In 2009 I did the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World. After working in the Magic Kingdom in the Emporium I couldn’t wait to see Walt Disney’s original Disney Park masterpiece, Disneyland.

Thankfully, Californians all flee the parks on a rainy day so we enjoyed the park with little to no wait to get on every single ride. When we entered the park we stopped for a couple key photos at the entrance and at the castle and then made our way over to Hyperspace Mountain. We were able to ride Hyperspace Mountain twice in less than 20 minutes! We embraced our inner child and continued through the park with glee riding ride after ride.

The glee continued throughout the day. Around mid-afternoon, we finally strolled through Disneyland’s Emporium. I was immediately taken back to 2009 as the two Emporium stores even smell the same. Oh, what a magical day exploring!

Disneyland Fashion Tips

  • Skip the ponchos and wear a raincoat. Your pictures will look a whole lot cuter and you’ll feel a whole lot less dorky.
  • Comfortable shoes are a must, we walked nearly 10 miles the day we went to the park.
  • Wear the Mickey ears! (They were in my bag for part of the day with the rain)
  • A small crossbody bag/purse is highly recommended as it’s a lot easier to use than a larger purse/tote in the parks.
  • Wear an outfit you like and are comfortable in.

Enjoy a peek into our trip and have a magical day!

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4 Books to Read in 2017

Books, books, books, and more books.

Where do I start? I love to read them. So much so, I needed to do a bookshelf re-organization at the beginning of this year just to fit them all on the shelf.

Today I’m sharing the four books that I think are the must reads of 2017. I recently read all of these books and love that these books all had great takeaways.
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Fashion Iowa

Hilton Coliseum

I’ve been cheering for the Cyclones since I was in the womb. No joke, my parents took me to the historic game where Lafester Rhodes scored 54 points for a Cyclone victory against the in-state rival, University of Iowa. My parents are alums and proudly so am I.

The first game I remember is pictured below. I don’t remember who won that day and the smile on my face doesn’t accurately feel how I felt about my second trip to Hilton Coliseum. I remember covering my ears and screaming because the place was so loud that night. I couldn’t wait for that first game to be over, but then again I was three.

While I was in college I tried to make as many games as possible. Occasionally, a night class would take precedence over a game.

These days I try and sneak in a game whenever I’m home. The time of year I visit doesn’t always allow for a Cyclone game, but this past trip it did. Peter and I went with Dad for the Big 12 Opener against Texas Tech. The Cyclones were behind most of the game and I was beginning to think it’d be a really long drive home… Thankfully, with around 8:00 minutes to go they began to pull ahead and pulled off a victory, phew!

So what does one wear when they go to a basketball game? Well, school colors of course.

Most of my Iowa State gear from college is quite dated, so I opted for my favorite Cyclone hat, a warm monkey sweater, bootcut jeans, and my current favorite Nike shoes.

Now, to figure out when the next time I return to Hilton Coliseum will be…
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Badgley Mischka Rent the Runway

Allison wearing Badgley Mischka Rent the Runway for a wedding.

When I was in New York City in 2014, on one of my work trips, I visited Badgley Mischka’s Corporate Office (they make amazing dresses). As we saw sparkly dress after sparkly dress I dreamed of the day I’d one day wear one of Mark and James’ “works of art”. After a quick internet search and the initial sticker shock, I knew I’d never own a dress that expensive because let’s face it…I’d rather go on vacation with my husband.

As I searched for a dress to wear to our most recent wedding, I went to my favorite online site, Rent the Runway. I love Rent the Runway because I’m not cluttering my closet with another dress that I’ll only wear once and I don’t have to pay the full sticker-price. I simply rent it for the event and ship it back afterward. I love that I can affordably wear designer creations for events for a small rental fee and fulfill my dream of wearing that dress.

Get $30 off your first Rent the Runway order here.

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barre3 – Don’t Focus On Perfection

barre3 in portland

When I walk into barre3 my soul comes alive.

I’m not just saying that either. There is something about working through difficult exercises at barre3 with fun music and an encouraging instructor. This last Saturday I finally made it back in for a class after being out for some health stuff and then not making it in due to weather when I finally did feel better. Goodness, did I miss it!

When I’m in a class I know that I don’t have to be perfect. Working hard is all that is required and I love that. I’m not perfect and for someone who struggles with perfectionism, I’m so thankful for the safety to not be perfect and to not be judged for my shaking legs when the pose is really hard.

In those moments of struggle, it’s so encouraging to have someone like Alyssa in my studio to help coach me and encourage me. She’s the best and helps me get to my happy place!

Don’t focus on perfection, focus on elongated movements. –Alyssa, barre3 Instructor

It’s in those moments when I’m shaking and quaking that I feel challenged, empowered, and strong. I leave barre3 and I still have a glow about me. It’s the glow of conquering a workout. It’s the glow of endorphins. It’s the glow of knowing that I don’t have to be perfect.


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Creativity, Inspired by Home – Aurelia

I might not live in Aurelia, Iowa anymore, but for me…Aurelia will always be a place I call home.

Aurelia might be a small town, but that’s not what it represents to me.

For me, it represents those people in my life who inspired me to be who I am. Without “Aurelia” in my life, there would be no girl who grabbed her favorite pair of shoes and headed to Oregon to capture the dream to inspire students…just as I was inspired.

What’s your Aurelia? Who are those in your life that helped inspire you?

I introduce you to Alyssa, a friend of mine for life. She was my youth-group leader and is a steadfast friend. She called me into a greater version of myself always pointing me to the true inspiration, our God.

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#ramsingmarriage Collaborations

A Morning with The Ramsings – Inspired By Harry’s

A word about Harry’s

When Harry’s started, my early-adopter hubby jumped on board and got a razor from them. He’s been using it with the Harry’s blades ever since. Before Harry’s I was using whatever razor was on sale at Target that week. One morning, Peter left his razor out on the counter and I decided to give his a try, and I liked it a lot. Peter finally got fed up with having to fetch his razor from the shower that he got me my own. We’re officially a Harry’s family now and we wouldn’t go back. Also, we love their packaging. It’s really fun.

The Ramsing Morning Routine

Sometimes it’s fun to peek into the life of someone…it’s like opening up their junk drawer. …and boy was Peter and I’s first few years of morning routines tough! I really need my routine and Peter just needs time to get what he needs done. I didn’t have roommates for a reason after undergrad and Peter always had them. We struggled to get to a place where Peter felt like I wanted him around and I felt like Peter respected my need for routine. We’ve got it sorted now (most days) and it usually starts with Peter’s Garmin Watch buzzing to wake him up 30 minutes before me.

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