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We Found a Mammoth in Aurelia, Iowa!

We Found a Mammoth in Aurelia, Iowa! -

We Found a Mammoth in Aurelia, Iowa!

When I travel I always pack tees, Little Bay Root tees typically, (see Colorado trip by clicking the link). This time around Little Bay Root had so graciously shipped me a Squatch Out Oregon tee just days before I boarded the plane to Iowa. Being that we’d flown into Omaha at 11:30 pm the night before and had a 2 1/2 hour drive in front of us that morning. I wore my sasquatch tee to drive from Omaha to Aurelia with jeans, a Patagonia fleece, and adidas shoes. If I’m traveling I want to be cozy.

Traveling in tees just happens to be my favorite way to travel. I’ll share my plane style in a future post. Whatever your favorite attire is to travel in, rock it!

I hadn’t been home very long when mom showed me an Aurelia Star article of Denny’s latest creation. Denny is an incredible artist and makes phenomenal sculptures. So, of course, that afternoon we ventured to see the mammoth, just a few miles outside of my hometown. I joked that sasquatch was meeting its cousin in true style. If you’re ever near Aurelia, this is a must-see and must-visit! Continue Reading

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